What Is Xcavator's Built-In Price Appreciation Mechanism and How Will It Benefit Investors?

What Is Xcavator's Built-In Price Appreciation Mechanism and How Will It Benefit Investors?
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The cryptocurrency world is full of technical terms, some are crafted to lure people but others are really genuine. “Price appreciation mechanism” is also one of them. It is not a luring term, it is for the purpose of telling people that the value of the token will rise due to some internal mechanism or process.

These mechanisms could be anything from involving mathematics equations, AI-based processes, burning processes or something similar that ultimately increases the price of tokens. Xcavator too has that mechanism in-built and in this article, we are going to explain the mechanism so that you can invest in XCA and start earning without any doubt or hassle.

Xcavator's built-in price appreciation mechanism

Xcavator is a cryptocurrency-oriented project that is making earning with cryptocurrency less challenging. The project is backed by a real-world asset—mining farms. The project also has a built-in price appreciation mechanism to pump the value of the token that will surely help the investors to earn more on their investing.

1. Utilize all the funds received

The Xcavator (XCA) token has a limited supply of 51 million tokens. All money from the token sale will be used to set up a crypto mining farm and the revenue will be generated through mining the most profitable cryptocurrencies.

From mining revenue, approximately 50% will be used to buy our own tokens from the market through various crypto exchanges at prevailing market prices and burn them with proof of burning.

The remaining 50% of the mining revenue will be used for expanding crypto mining farms which will generate additional mining hashing power, which will further increase our profits in the future.

2. Token Burning, Buyback, and expanding Farms

Another term “Burning tokens” stands for destroying the token, here it means removing multiple tokens from circulation permanently. This is usually done by transferring tokens to a burned address, i.e. a wallet from which they can never be recovered.

As 50% of the mining will be used to buy tokens through various crypto exchanges at prevailing market prices from the market and tokens will be burned, the total supply of our tokens will continue to decrease and demand will continue to increase with hashing power per token.

3. Pump the price by repeating the Process

Therefore, the price of the token will continue to rise even if no value is pumped in by external factors or investors and this process will continue forever while additional mining capacity is added every month.

With the majority of tokens, when people or traders lose interest the tokens die as trading volume and price drop. But in our case, we will inject real-world revenue from mining farms and constantly buy and burn tokens from the market so that the price of our tokens will always go up and our tokens will never die or fade.

The deciding power to set the price will be given to the general public as XCA token holders will be able to sell their tokens at a price set by them at any point in time due to a shortage of our tokens. Token customers will benefit from a long-term appreciation of the token value due to the mandatory burning process.

Why are you missing out on all the opportunities?

The Process is easy, the profit is guaranteed and if you are interested in earning with cryptocurrency then there is no reason to stay away from the XCA tokens.

XCA tokens can be easily purchased with Pancake Swap. Pancake Swap is a reliable exchange to trade cryptocurrencies. The process is hassle-free, you just have to go to the PancakeSwap platform and go to the trade section.

On the swap/exchange page, choose the currency you already have and want to exchange it in XCA. After choosing tokens to sell and buy, enter the amount you would like to sell in return for XCA. The amount of XCA tokens you will receive will be automatically populated in the given section. Complete the exchange and you now have XCA tokens in your wallet.

You can invest in Xcavator to unlock the true power of your investment so don't miss this opportunity and invest in it today!

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