What Makes a Career as a Medical Assistant So Appealing?

What Makes a Career as a Medical Assistant So Appealing?

Medical assistants stand as today's unsung heroes. Their unwavering passion, commitment, and dedication continue to benefit various individuals, particularly in the challenges patients face within the modern healthcare system. There's no doubt that healthcare professionals hold an essential position within the medical field. Still, this is especially true for the medical assistant, as these professionals are the frontline warriors in any medical facility.

In addition to furnishing indispensable clinical and administrative support to their healthcare professionals, medical assistants hold an important position within the healthcare sector. If you've considered becoming a medical assistant, the following are strong reasons why enrolling in the medical assistant healthcare training program in Manhattan is a great choice.

Flexible Schedule –

Depending on their workplace, medical assistants can experience varying degrees of flexibility in their work schedules. This is particularly true for smaller private practices that provide more flexible schedules than larger healthcare establishments like hospitals. Most medical assistants work a typical full-time 40-hours-a-week schedule, but there is a spectrum of schedule options for those in this profession. Some medical assistants may opt for part-time roles, overnight shifts, weekend duties, or extended 12-hour shifts, offering a diverse array of work schedules.

A variety of knowledge and skills –

Medical assistants receive training in a diverse set of competencies essential for their success in a medical office. These proficiencies equip them to function effectively across various specialties and healthcare environments. Common skills covered in their healthcare training program encompass the collection of vital signs, venipuncture for blood collection, administering injections, and the intricacies of medical coding.

You can have a career centered on helping others –

If you possess a compassionate nature and are inclined towards a service-oriented profession, enrolling in a healthcare training program in NYC to become a medical assistant could align perfectly with your aspirations. Medical assistants fulfill an indispensable role within the healthcare sector, offering invaluable assistance to medical practitioners and patients. Their responsibilities include recording medical histories, managing appointment schedules, and aiding during patient examinations. Starting on the journey of enrolling in a medical assistant training program can be very rewarding. It allows you to impact people's lives daily and make a meaningful difference.

Join a Thriving Industry- 

As previously mentioned, the NY population is experiencing an increase in elderly individuals, primarily due to the significant baby boomer generation entering their senior years. This aging demographic will require ongoing medical support. By enrolling in a healthcare training program in NYC to become a certified medical assistant, you secure a profession with enduring prospects. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare sector is expected to grow by over two million jobs by 2026, making it the fastest-growing industry in the nation. In the event of potential federal health insurance reforms leading to universal healthcare, there will be increased funding available for medical assistance and healthcare in general, further heightening the demand for skilled professionals within the field.

Performs a variety of tasks –

There are two types of tasks that medical assistants carry out: clinical and administrative. 

  • Clinical duties involve collaborating with patients to deliver healthcare. Taking vital signs, gathering lab specimens, and going over patient histories are a few of these responsibilities. 
  • Administrative duties include scheduling appointments, answering phone inquiries, managing billing and insurance matters, and monitoring inventory levels.

Promising Employment Prospects and Stability –

Individuals entering the medical assisting field can anticipate a positive job outlook and long-term job security. According to the data compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2021, the employment outlook for medical assistants is projected to grow by 16% by 2031. Compared with alternative career prospects, this signifies a notably superior employment outlook. Consequently, there is a strong likelihood that the demand for medical assistants will substantially increase in the next decade and beyond.

Great degree with a minimal financial burden and abundant opportunities –

Many healthcare training programs offered in NY to become medical assistants in Manhattan can be completed in less than one year. During this period, you can acquire the essential knowledge required to be eligible for a certification exam and position yourself as a valuable asset in the healthcare industry. This credential can be a stepping stone for pursuing additional opportunities in various other healthcare fields or laying the foundation for a satisfying and long-term career.

Enhances your credibility to potential employers –

Medical assistants can directly interact with patients and frequently perform routine duties. Prospective employers in need of medical assistants may have more trust in individuals who are already trained to do their regular jobs in the clinical setting. Candidates who have gained hands-on training and proficiency in carrying out specific tasks may distinguish themselves in the eyes of employers. Consequently, completing your practical training can significantly enhance your desirability as a medical assistant.

Get Your Medical Assistant Certification and Launch Your Career!

So, there are various reasons why enrolling in a medical assistant training program is a good career choice. If you’re searching for an accredited educational facility that offers job-oriented healthcare training programs in NYC to become a certified medical assistant, your search can end with the Royal Learning Institute. Contact us at (347) 658-3774 to consult with our knowledgeable professionals for more information!

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