What OTIS Lennon Test Level A Includes?

Faina Miller Faina Miller 14 October
What OTIS Lennon Test Level A Includes?

The lowest test level in the OTIS Lennon test is Level A. It’s for kindergarteners to seek admissions in the best schools. Thes test is conducted to check the mental ability of young kids. The test shows what they have learned and they are going to be perfect for their schools. Generally, kids 4 to 5 years old are eligible for the test. Let’s learn what is included in the test.


Following Directions

Following instruction is a part of the verbal test that sees how the little child understands the instructions. This part requires a lot of attention from a kid to know what the person is asking him to do. For instance, the teacher can ask them to circle the white dog from the given pictures. The instructions are provided, and children need to perform according to them.

Arithmetic Reasoning 

The most effective way to stimulate the robust mathematical skills amongst children of less than 5 is by allowing them to practice arithmetic questions. It also encourages their logical skills, which help them down the road. Mind Inventions have the best practice workbook for kids below 5 and help them to have good learning of numbers, counting & easy calculations. In the test, they will be asked creative questions on additions, subtractions, numbers, etc. 

Picture and Figural Classification

This is one of the exciting parts of the test, which most of the children appreciate. In this non-verbal part, kids need to identify the correct shapes & patterns. Picture & figure classification falls under the non-verbal part. Here kids, identify the “odd one out” in a group of four or five images. The teacher analyzes the understanding of the child by recognizing which image does not belong to the group. 

Picture and Figural Analogies

In this part, children's ability is closely assessed to know how they understand the relationship between pictures/ figures. Here, the aim is to recognize if a figure in a group of 5 is most matched with the originally given figure in the question. In the figure classification, children need to identify the differences, and here they find similarities. 

Picture and Figural Series

In it, kids need to predict the next step to complete the geometric shapes series. The question will include 4 consecutive shapes, which make a certain pattern or theme, and the child will identify the 5th shape following the sequence. 


How to Prepare for the Test? 

Above are a few categories that the child needs to go through. However, children will take some time to get their hands on such questions. It’s the parents’ responsibility to help their little ones crack the test. Make them learn every day, so they start understanding the questions. For excellent preparation, Mind Inventions has designed a workbook that includes level A OTIS Lennon test practice questions. The question is updated yet interesting. Plus, it will help your child to grow intellectually. 

In the End

The OTIS Lennon exam is important because it stimulates kids to perform better in terms of academics. The test aim is to analyze the child’s logical & analytical ability. So make sure your kids can clear the test with good results, which can be done with the help of daily practice.

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