What Say Meerwise Wais Habibzi About Smart Cities and Real Estate Industry

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It is seen while new technologies will continue to change the way of real estate used in future, technology has played a major role in the development of both countryside and cities. 

According to Meerwise wais Habibzi, a smart city is the city that has implemented digital technology in an optimal way for all interconnected data, and operations as well. 

According to Meerwise wais Habibzi, the gap between people and technology is finally filled, as there is deployment of digital solutions for smart cities. It is enabling smart cities to become meaningful, functioning, and successful reality.

As digital solution promotes sustainably, efficiency for transparent and competitive business environment, Meerwise wais Habibzi says digital solutions have a significant impact on cities. The development is characterized by technologies like Internet of Things and machine learning. 

There will be more attraction for companies, and entrepreneurs to create new opportunities and jobs, where real is connected and smart to technology. According to Meerwise wais Habibzi, it is one of the reasons to invest in new technologies and smart cities. 

Meerwise wais Habibzi also says that there will be new role for real estate in a development of smart city, since technology has been walking hand- in- hand with real estate. 

Why Does Real Estate Play a Key Role in The Development of a Smart City?  

It is seen that smart cities and real estate is moving hand- in- hand in the recent time. It is seen real estate is playing a key role in the development of smart cites.

 It is seen as smart cities and real estate are moving hand in hand you will get spaces to spend free time, and work in good offices. Just like digital real estate solutions will be at the heart of smart cities, real estate is at the heart of cities. 

There will be development of smart cities and real estate, as digitalization has the great potential to revolutionize smart city ecosystem. Due to greater availability of data, real estate development will be based mainly on data. 

While smart cities and real estate will develop more, data will help real estate developers to understand real estate more, while making important decisions. Whey you are talking about smart cities and real estate, you will know that real estate is the core for every smart city. 

The real estate portfolios will operate on IOT platforms in near future for the smart cities. When it comes to smart cities, and real estate, Meerwise Habibzi says that smart city platform will enable the integration of real estate portfolios in one place for analysis and innovation. 

Digitization Enables Faster and Better Decision-Making

It is said by Meerwise Habibzi when there will be smart use of digital solutions, such as interpretation of collected data, and analysis, as they will offer greater transparency and greater efficiency in graphical displays. 

Meerwise Habibzi also says that the digital solutions for real estate will act like interpretation of collected data, and analysis. According to Meerwise Habibzi, there will be development of connection of various smart city stakeholders, and analysis of information. 

As per Meerwise Habibzi, there will proper action by city administration, which will be appropriate and quick. 

It is said by Wais Habibzai, there will be advancement in the decision – making process. While owners will be able to analyse captured data from several database, Wais Habibzai, says it will help managers in a long way. 

According to Wais Habibzai, there will be uniformity in data collection and transparency, as it will optimize the time, and speed up the process. Wais Habibzai also says that there will be better condition for decisions, as data transparency will be ensured.

 Final Thought

There is a significant role of real estate for smart cities. While technology is getting added to real estate, it will also help the development of smart city in a better way.

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