What Things to See at Berlenga Nature Reserve

What Things to See at Berlenga Nature Reserve
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16 October 2023

Why Is Berlengas Known As A Natural Reserve?

When you want to go and spend a good time at a spot that is nature and eco friendly then you can choose to come at Berlenga nature reserve in the long way. Here you will see its wonderful glimpses. Take for example you might know that the island of Berlengas has many things that are unique. It is located near the sea coast of Peniche in Portugal where the fishing industry is very much popular.

As far as we talk about the natural reserve of Berlengas then you will see that here you will see diverse species of wild life. When you come here then you will also feel enchanted by seeing the rocky landscapes of Berlengas in the long way. This will be a unique experience for you.

Look at the beautiful sea waters at Berlenga reserve

Today the spot of Berlenga nature reserve has attained a great popularity. There are many reasons behind this. Take for example here you will see the sandy beaches that are located near the waters of Atlantic Ocean. The water here looks so well as it has a transparent and crystal blue color.

You will also see that here the rocky landscapes give a unique attraction to those who come here as tourists. There are many other things also that will enchant your minds. Take for example here you can see all the islets of Berlengas with the help of a tourist guide. Just hire a good ferry boatman service and he will take you on a tour here within 3 hours.

How to enjoy pastimes and lodge at Berlengas?

The spot of Berlengas Island in Portugal has attained a great popularity among all tourists. You can come here as a tourist from USA by air route. When you come here then first of all you have to land at the country of Portugal.

Then you can come and see Berlengas island that is on the other side of the sea coast of Peniche. If you want a good option to lodge at Berlengas island then you can come at those forts here that were made during the middle age and now they have become half hotels.

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