What to Consider When Buying Gold Jewellery

What to Consider When Buying Gold Jewellery
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Since ancient times people have recognised and cherished gold as a precious commodity. Gold jewellery never goes out of fashion. Unlike many other metals pure gold does not react with other elements to create a residue that accumulates on some of them before transferring gold chains to your skin as stain. There are people who are allergic or have staining problems with metals combined with it. Gold can be worked into any shape you want even into tiny strands and it does not break easily. One ounce of gold can be hammered and flatten into an ultra thin sheet that is ten feet square.

In the past, gold jewellery was worn only by wealthy people. But during the industrialisation period people of lower social classes became able to afford more than a gold wedding band. Today, people many people around the world are wearing beautiful gold jewellery pieces that their ancestors would have never dreamt of ever owning.
Today it is considered to be an important investment for some people. And has different types and varieties, thus, it is vital to know how to distinguish between them. What is it with gold jewellery that differentiate a piece from another and why is it so much cheaper similar than similar items? Let us all begin with caratage. Gold carat weight is not the actual weight of gold such as it is with 22ct gold chains gemstones but the proportion of gold in gold jewellery.

24 carat gold is 100% pure gold and it has a very rich gold colour. Gold jewellery is almost never made from 22 carat gold for one simple reason- 22 carat gold is far too soft and will dent and scratch easily. Often 22 carat gold is used in decorating tableware and wine glasses.

On the other hand 9 carat gold is only 37.5% gold and it contains other metals such as silver and copper that makes up the rest 62.5%. Thus, 9 carat looks a little lighter in colour and much less expensive.
Mixing different metals with gold can give it different colours and shades as well. Rich yellow is the original colour of gold. When mixed with white metals such as rhodium and titanium gold jewellery has a white gleam which is similar to platinum. A mixture of gold and copper gold rope chain turns into pinkish hue that is known as rose gold. Traditionally, only yellow gold and rose gold (Eastern Europe) was used but in recent times white gold has become very popular.
When buying gold jewellery, look for the Hallmark stamp of authenticity. This is different from the stamp of the jeweller or manufacturer and it is globally accepted authentication stamp that certifies the caratage of gold in jewellery piece.

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