When Is the Best Time to Surf?

When Is the Best Time to Surf?

If you love surfing, there are no words that can break your heart like hearing you have just missed the best timing. Among the things that you need to fear most is the thought of missing the best surfing conditions. To avoid such a heartbreaking instance, you ought to be conversant with the best time you can surf. You also need to know that the oceans never spare anyone, including those who are not informed of the elements making up the sea's nature. Besides knowing the best time to surf, you should be equipped with safety measures in case the unexpected happens. This article lays out the time and tips you need to ensure a pleasant surfing process well. 


Surfing in the Early Morning and Evening 

Surfing is a full-filling sport but practicing it should be handled with utmost diligence since losing one’s life is not worth it. As a surfer, you need to know moments you can expose yourself to certain dangers if you do not know the best surfing hours. The sport is safer when practiced during sunrise and around sunset when the winds are moderate to eliminate the dangers of shore breaks and high tide. Surfing during high tide is more dangerous, and it sometimes becomes difficult to exit the water. If care is not taken, you can suffer severe injuries or break your board. It is usually safe to surf at places where there are people around, for example, Lobster Shack keeps an eye out for surfers that hire boards from them, and even provides a complimentary introduction lesson.


Benefits of Surfing at Sunrise and Sunset

Several benefits are attached to surfing in the early mornings and early evenings. Among the top list is that you will have the opportunity to sport when there are no crowded lineups. There are incredibly high chances of beating the crowd and enjoying many sets of waves to the fullest. The light-off shore winds are also an exceptional feature that makes surfing better in the early morning and evening. The wind tends to be lighter, produces perfectly-shaped waves in the morning and evening, and gets more potent and dangerous in the afternoon.


Surfing at Night

Before getting into more details about this topic, it is essential to know that there are limited places that offer night surfing options. Even though there are chances of accessing a site that you can surf at night, there is a need to weigh certain conditions. When there is a full moon or artificial lights, you are assured minimal safety since lighting should be your priority. The light will enable you to see the incoming waves and get to catch the approaching waves. Nevertheless, to reduce the risk of being a casualty, you should surf at the sandy sections or mellow beach breaks. In other words, surfing at night may not be such a good idea since it may be challenging to identify areas with boils and irregularities.



The ocean is a complex entity that comprises several elements bringing out its true nature. Surfing conditions are grounded on certain factors like the direction and strength of wind, swell height, tidal movement, and waves, among others. Analyzing these factors will give you an understanding of what to expect at a particular time of the day. Nonetheless, do not downplay the effectiveness the above conditions carry in ensuring you engage in a memorable surf session.   

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