Where Can I Get a Natural Incense Stick?

Where Can I Get a Natural Incense Stick?

Incense sticks have a important role in every religion. Some use it to cleanse and purify the atmosphere around while other use it for worshiping. There have been an evidence of using incense from early times. Even in Indus vally civilization, use of incense stick is mentioned. Incense sticks have different names and it changes from region to region. In India, it is called aggarbatti

There are many uses of incense sticks and burning them is a tradition in India. We used incense for meditation and worshipping gods. It is also used for aroma therapy purpose. While incense sticks are used for the religious purposes, others also light incense sticks for pleasant fragrance in their home or workplaces.

There are two types of incense. One is direct burning and other is indirect burning incense. Incense is basically made out a paste made of our biotic material fused with essential oils. This paste is rolled around on a bamboo stick to give it a hold. Burning these gives smoke which give plesant smell or aroma.

Many incense manufacturer use harmful chemicals and bamboo sticks for making them which pollutes our environment. But now a days incense manufacturers are getting concious about the environment. They are conserned about the heath of individuals as burning cheap quality incense sticks can cause health issues.

Kalapira is a manufacturer of incense sticks and dhoop cones. They promote sustainable business practices by recyling temple flowers to make incense sticks and dhoop cones which would otherwise pollute the streets and rivers around the temple. This is a great initiative take by Kailapira. If you want to support this noble cause, you can buy a box of their incense stick and contribute towards a greener future for your kids.

Never the less, Kailapire is also engaged in manufacturing premium range of incense sticks which are free from harmful chemical, charcoal, bamboo and are 100% organic. So if you want to nature bliss in your home, use Kailapira's premium incense sticks.

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