"Who Can Do My Essay?" Unfold the Problems Quickly

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02 August 2023

Essay is an academic task which is short in length but require immense work from the writer to present a claim. Moreover, you need to keep in check the details you use as it should be limited to meet the word count. Due to this condition, most of you cut short in finding the information and when you draft the task, it does not reach the result. So, you think, “If anyone can do my essay?” since you have the lost track to keep the conditions intact. While this is not the only issue that occur when you write it.

Drafting academic project like an essay require focus on three stages, research, writing, and editing. The problem start developing when you begin to lose your concentration on these aspects. Firstly, you should known that they are inter-related and co-dependent on each other. So, if you affect either of them, you can rest assure as you cannot complete it. To perform well, you need to focus on these stages but you do not. This negligence put you at a place from where you tackle multiple issues. The only thing left for you to do is to find appropriate assistance to overcome them.

However, a person who is blind cannot show others the correct path. It means you have no idea about your issues so explaining it to an expert is difficult. Hence, you first need to understand what problems can occur when you do not focus on these stages.

Problems that Arise While Writing an Essay

Ignorance is the mother of all issues. Not following? Take an example to understand it. When you do not exercise, you face problem in keeping up with the fit players. That happened because you neglected a vital stage in becoming a pro player. Similarly, ignoring an essential aspect in drafting your work give rise to obstacles that affect your continuity.

However, it is vital that you remain aware of these issues so you can find solutions:

Stage 1: Research

Writing details about a topic in your essay is essential but Santa does not bring them to you. You are responsible to collect the required variables to draft your content. However, you do not pay much attention to it and face result which you do not know. So, it is time to get educated about these issues:

Lack Thorough Understanding:

Essay helps you convey essential details to the readers and to do so, you also require command over the topic. This condition is fulfilled when you learn about the topic enough to educate others around you. For that, you require specific study materials that cover its aspects so you can understand the concept to its core. Research helps you complete this circle as you find those written sources and references containing insights over the topic. So, when you neglect it, you lose the chance to become a learner and a teacher at the same time.

Absence of Proper Evidence:

Your academic project contains a query that helps you make a claim. The fact about making a declaration is that it requires suitable evidence to support it and the only way you can find them is to investigate. However, your initial plan is to put less focus on finding such proofs, so the result is not a positive one. Your claim lacks appropriate basis which nullify the effect on the readers. Your professor rejects it and you work on it again. So, you seek essay help from experts to find the appropriate as you believe they are out of your reach. However, the reality is you did not put much effort.

These are some crucial problems you face when you neglect the aspect of research. However, this is not the only aspect that you ignore to do accurately. So, let’s continue discussing them.

Stage 2: Writing

Once you gather all the variables about your topic, the time arrives when you focus on writing them in your essay. This is where many of you do not pay much attention on making presentable as your brain access to one command, putting in the information. That is not an overall definition of writing, it involves other aspects, for instance, structure, language type, correct spelling, etc.

When you neglect these areas, you start creating problem during composing. So, let’s observes them for clarification:

Develops Poor Readability:

The first problem you see in your essay is weak written content. Such a content is neither readable nor deliver correct information. The first aspect you impact when you neglect writing is the structure of your write-up. It results in the mixture of every details which exhibits confusion as there is no starting or end point. So, when you do not get the desired result, you seek expert help as your supposed plan failed and you need a new one to overlap the other.

Spelling and Grammatical Errors:

Every work you do is defined by its motive that act as the shadow. When you work on your assigned task like an essay, you aim to deliver information. However, you do not pay much attention to the pattern and presentation of your work. That develops another issue which becomes a cause for anyone who reads your essay. It is the errors in grammar and spelling which you did not checked. This becomes another issue that you cannot remove later as your focus lies on penning down the information.

Writing is one such issue that you must focus on as your entire content depends on it. Readers tend to prefer write-ups where writers have focused on drafting a high level document. However, your ignorance lead you to a poorly written task which gets rejected after just one glance. But there is one more aspect that most of you neglect. So, it is time to see that one too.

Stage 3:Proofreading:

The reason why it comes in the last is because after this your document is prepared to get published. That is where you work on amplifying its quality and ensure that it can deliver information correctly. However, many of you see this segment as an extra or optional, but in reality, it is vital that every document you write goes through this.

So, lets observe what happens when you skip this step:

More Errors; Less Details:

To create a perfect dish, you need to balance all the ingredients and ensure not to miss on any of them. Writing is a similar process with one difference, the spices are used as a metaphor. The elements to create a perfect essay include editing which you neglect. Hence, what you deliver in your project is not information but a pack of errors that develops frustration whoever reads it. That happened because you missed the step of proofreading.

Disrupt Meaning and Fluency:

Fluent reading is something where reader develop a high level of interest with the content. Moreover, the can find it as every sentence deliver correct meaning. It does fascinate you but it requires heavy focus on proofreading which you lack, so it does not exist in your essay. The reason why most of you face rejection is due to this as you cannot educate the readers through your content.


Many of you wants to write a remarkable essay, there is only one issue. You do not focus on various stages that require absolute focus in procuring the desired outcome. That is reason why there is a rise in the query of, “Who can do my essay?” since most of you cannot submit per the requirement even after much efforts. However, you cannot find proper solution from experts too as they do not the exact issue and that is because of your unawareness. So, this article cover the details about chief problems that occur when you ignore the stages of writing an academic project. Now, read and understand where you are stuck.

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