Why Air Jordan 1 Shoes Are So in Demand?

Why Air Jordan 1 Shoes Are So in Demand?
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1984 was a landmark year in pop culture, highlighted by Michael Jordan beginning his NBA career with the Chicago Bulls and the debut of a signature shoe named after him. Jordan inked a 5-year endorsement deal with Nike worth $2.5 million, leading to the creation of the Jordan 1 shoes. Thanks to his rising popularity, these shoes quickly became a staple for both fans and basketball players. More than just footwear, Jordan 1 shoes embody his performance, success, determination, and agility. Plus, wearing them simply makes you look cool!

Now, 40 years later, the appeal of Jordan 1 shoes hasn’t faded. They continue to captivate sneakerheads and basketball fans alike, appealing even to those who don’t play sports.

But why are Jordan 1 shoes still so popular? Continue reading to explore why they remain essential additions to any sneaker collection.

Jordan 1 is for everyone.

The shoes were designed by Peter Moore, Nike’s first Creative Director, and the name was suggested by Jordan’s agent, David Falk. It’s called ‘Air Jordan’ to represent the athlete’s ability to soar through the air when he dunks.

Although inspired by an athlete, the shoes are not just for basketball players. Jordan 1 shoes feature an innovative construction with fixed straps to the ankle and forefoot for stability. Plus, they have padded ankle collars for comfort, a heel cup for additional support, and air cushions.

A stand-out shoe

Back in 1984, NBA regulation basketball sneakers had to be either all-white or all-black. Jordan 1 Shoes disrupted that norm with their color and the winged logo on the high tops’ upper part. The sneakers featured the Chicago Bulls’ colors, specifically red, white, and black, resulting in the nickname BRED, meaning bold and braggadocious. Much like its namesake, the shoe never fails to attract attention.

Shoes that show persistence

Michael Jordan continued to wear his signature shoes despite the NBA fining him $5,000 per game, which ultimately led to the sneakers being banned on the court. Nike capitalized on this controversy by launching a commercial that proclaimed the NBA couldn't stop people from wearing them. By the end of the season, Jordan had clinched the NBA’s Rookie of the Year title, catapulting Jordan 1 sales to $126 million. The infamous shoes became symbols of some of the most unforgettable moments in marketing and fashion!

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