Why are Drone Jammers Used for the Security?

Why are Drone Jammers Used for the Security?
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Drone usage is becoming more prevalent than you think! That’s all because of its easy availability and user-friendly design. However, this increased usage of drones has also become a matter of concern. Especially when it comes to our security authorities, these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) / drones are identified as potential threats. For example, drones can be easily loaded with explosives and weapons to cause significant harm. That's when jamming drones become a necessity. Here's all you need to know!

What are drone jammers?

An anti-drone jamming system called a drone jammer is intended to interfere with the communication link between the drone and its operator. The drone's operation and data transmission will be interfered with by the jammer, which broadcasts electromagnetic signals that interferes with radio signals. The jamming signals effectively silence the communication between the drone and its pilot / controller. These anti-drone jamming systems can be stationary, vehicle-mounted, or created to resemble high-mobility gun shape.

Why are drones a threat to the security?

So, why are drones seen as potential threats to the security authorities? Let's first understand their ordinary uses. Tourists primarily use drones, and enthusiasts utilize them for capturing breathtaking pictures and video clips. Insurance companies and rescue organizations also utilize drones to assess homes and businesses after a natural disaster. Even Amazon and similar companies are looking into employing drones to help with package deliveries! 

Sadly, this versatility of drones is taking a bad turn. As incidences of reckless misuse, unauthorized surveillance, and criminal actions have multiplied, commercial drones have become a significant worry for the security authorities and government agencies. Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones have evolved from innovative tech gadgets to deadly weapons! From snooping for privacy to being laden with explosives, bad societal elements can use drones for various reasons. That's why various security authorities use counter-UAS technology to prevent potential threats to national security and safety.

Advantages of drone jammers 

  • Counters unauthorized drones

A drone jammer is a counter-drone device that jams unmanned aerial vehicles in the range. Typically, the jammer disables the suspicious drones' communication network, causing them to stop communicating with the controller and return to the origin.

  • Easy to use

Drone jammers come in various stationary and mobile versions. With user-friendly interface design, they are usually easy to operate.

  • Portable variants available

Portable versions are readily available. They are generally lightweight point-and-shoot devices where all you need to do is to point it toward the suspicious drone to jam its signals. 

  • High efficiency

Drone jammers work just like cellular network jammers. They are designed to block signals of a particular frequency range in which most drones operate. Quick and efficient, just as you want!

In a nutshell

Now that we know how drones can be a national security threat, we can distinguish between good and bad drones. Also, since the government agencies take care of national security, it becomes necessary for them to use anti-drone jamming systems. These amazing devices can help them counter malicious drones when necessary.

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