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There are many reasons why gamblers become superstitious. Most of the time their behavior has nothing to do with luck guess kalyan . Historically, gambling in casinos has been closely tied to superstition. Many gamblers are so devoted to their rituals that they will not play if they are unable to follow them for whatever reason.

In this article, we’ve summed up the reasons why gamblers are superstitious.

According to a survey conducted in the U.K., over 80% of U.K. bingo players are superstitious. Some attributed their luck to seats, friends, and even the night of the week. Commonly reported superstitions include avoiding walking under a ladder, touching wood for luck, and throwing salt over one’s shoulder

Mark Griffiths explains that superstitions exist even in a technologically advanced world. Meanwhile, a different study from London’s National Problem Gambling Clinic used a combination of surveys to analyze gambling habits. The study includes 30 gamblers and compares them to a control group of 30 people without any gambling issues.

To check impulsivity, the researchers had participants answer financial questions. The test involves trade-offs between smaller amounts of money received immediately and larger amounts available in the future. The gamblers are more inclined to choose the immediate reward, although it is less money.

The study found that gamblers with higher impulsivity levels are more likely to make errors in reasoning during gambling. For instance, highly impulsive gamblers are more likely to have superstitious rituals. Rituals such as carrying a lucky coin or blowing on a die before rolling it. They are also more likely to blame their losses on bad luck irrationally.


According to Luke Clark of the University of Cambridge’s Department of Experimental Psychiatry, “high impulsivity can predispose a range of more complex distortions — such as superstitions — that gamblers often experience.”

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