Why are my Teeth Yellow after Braces?

Why are my Teeth Yellow after Braces?
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Why are my Teeth Yellow after Braces?

Dentists recommend braces to align crooked teeth. Unfortunately, removing your dental braces will most likely reveal more than just straightened teeth. You might get yellow teeth after removing braces.


When you have braces on, it’s more difficult to completely remove the plaque from your teeth. Plaque is a sticky coating that builds on the teeth after eating or drinking. The plaque often accumulates around the brackets that attach to the teeth and behind the wire of braces.


This plaque may eventually develop into tartar, which can eventually become brownish or yellow in colour. Teeth with calculus or tartar buildup frequently experience demineralization. Demineralization frequently results in white patches and can erode tooth enamel. It may result in a cavity if left untreated.

Is it possible to stop braces from discolouring and de-mineralizing teeth?

Maintaining a regular teeth-cleaning schedule might reduce your chances of tooth discoloration if you’re using orthodontic appliances. It is still possible to eliminate discoloration even if you have recently had your braces removed. Demineralization is a more problematic kind of discoloration, but it may still be treated and stopped before it develops into a cavity.

Why do my teeth get stained or discoloured while I have braces on?

Plaque forms on teeth after eating and drinking. Plaque comprises bacteria, and when it accumulates on the teeth, it could cause them to become brownish or yellowish. Brushing and flossing regularly between the teeth is the greatest approach to getting plaque off the teeth. In addition to regular dental checkups and cleanings.

Are white spots caused by braces permanent?

Plaque accumulation over time may start to demineralize teeth. This can occur after consuming meals containing sugar, which causes the bacteria in the plaque to produce acids. These acids cause damage to the tooth enamel by softening the teeth and leaving white spots behind. Cavities will result from demineralization if left untreated.

How to remove stains caused by braces?

Do not be alarmed if you recently had your braces removed and now have stains or white spots on your teeth. Such discoloration is rather typical. In most circumstances, it is still possible to enhance the appearance , A dentist can suggest a treatment plan that is appropriate for patients. Common forms of therapy include:

Teeth whitening

From toothpaste to strips, gels, and more, there are many different kinds of at-home and in-office whitening treatments and methods. After your dentist removes your braces, whitening solutions work best. However, using whitening toothpaste and an electric toothbrush while wearing braces can help avoid stains.


Although you cannot regrow missing enamel, you may halt demineralization and the white patches that frequently accompany it. To remineralize your teeth, you should brush them frequently, and avoid sugar.

Composite Restoration

Your dentist or orthodontist might suggest a composite restoration if your braces have harmed your teeth. In order to make your teeth’s color and form appear more natural and healthy, this procedure includes bonding a tooth-colored resin to them.


A dentist or orthodontist may recommend veneers to cover serious cases of discoloration. These are little, tooth-colored covers that are affixed to the fronts of teeth.

How to avoid teeth discoloration?

Avoiding discoloration in the first place is the best approach to deal with it if it occurs due to braces. Here are some helpful hints for maintaining dental health while using braces:


Use fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristle brush to thoroughly and frequently clean your teeth. Brushing your teeth is especially crucial while you have braces on because plaque can accumulate and stain your teeth. Even though you should brush at least twice a day, it is preferable to brush after each meal when wearing braces. To keep teeth with braces clean, think about using an electric toothbrush with an orthodontic head.


Use floss to clean your teeth every day. You can reach around your brackets and wires with the aid of a floss threader. A tiny toothbrush can also help you reach those confined spaces. Dental experts claim that flossing in addition to brushing can eliminate more than brushing alone.


  • Avoid the following foods, which can cause plaque to build up and tooth decay and can break your braces:
  • Foods and beverages high in sugar and starch, such as candy and soda
  • Foods that are similar to gum in structure
  • Crunchy foods like carrots and nuts

Regular dental appointments

If your dentist notices plaque accumulating under or around your braces, they may be able to pinpoint any potential problems.

Carefully adhere to your orthodontist’s instructions. If you don’t, you might have to keep your braces on for a longer time, which raises the possibility of discoloration , You can also straighten your teeth with different sorts of orthodontic tools if you’re looking to prevent teeth discoloration. A common choice is invisible braces, which are made of transparent plastic and conform to your teeth. When eating, you put them on and off. You can also add a whitening substance within invisible braces. The fact that invisible braces like Invisalign don’t stick to your teeth is a significant advantage. As long as you maintain good oral hygiene, invisible braces shouldn’t contribute to plaque accumulation the way metal braces that are attached to your teeth do.

In conclusion, while braces normally do a terrific job of straightening our teeth, they can occasionally leave discoloration behind once they’re removed. If staining affects your teeth, there are numerous techniques to reduce or eliminate its appearance. However, preventing braces stains in the first place is the best approach to eliminating them. Maintaining a consistent oral hygiene practice and looking into non-metal braces can both help lower your chance of tooth discoloration while wearing braces.


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