Why Balloon Over Bagan Ballooning Myanmar Is Special

Why Balloon Over Bagan Ballooning Myanmar Is Special
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Without hot air balloons gracefully obscuring the ancient horizon, it is almost difficult to imagine Bagan. A recognisable emblem of the area, balloon over Bagan ballooning Myanmar have taken countless tourists on once-in-a-lifetime flights. Learn how to get a breathtaking bird's-eye perspective of Bagan, Myanmar.

Sunrise over Bagan, Myanmar, as seen from the outline of a hot air balloon is great. Every hot air balloon journey lasts for about 45 minutes. Spaces go fast, particularly during the busiest travel season, so make your reservations far in advance. From mid-December to mid-January, prices typically rise.

You still have the opportunity to be amazed by the hot air balloons as they drift in with the sunrise even if ballooning over Bagan doesn't suit your travel budget this time or if flying high above the archaeological zone seems a little intimidating. Take in a panoramic view of the surrounding temples and Bagan's famous skyline, which is dotted with balloons, from us for some of the finest photos.

In Bagan, there are additional hot air balloon companies, and it is also possible to fly in a hot air balloon over a number of well-known Myanmar tourist locations. Find the finest by looking everywhere and they are great!

Our perspectives from the blimp

Since they are comparatively high up, the hot air balloons provide unending views of temples, grasslands, and other balloons dotting the sky. It is one of the most amazing views when combined with the sunrise.

The approximately one-hour flight will be enjoyable for those who want to get a better sense of the size of the Bagan plains.

After that, set aside some time to get a close-up look by cycling or walking through the sites. Having both experiences at once will be incredible, so make sure to do both!

Cost of a balloon trip in Bagan

After walking and riding an electric cycle through the temples, we can attest that taking a hot air balloon ride over the temples and pagodas is an experience well worth the splurge and the rates are reasonable.

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