Why do Most People In California Live in a Prefab ADU Home?

Why do Most People In California Live in a Prefab ADU Home?
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Nowadays, prefabricated ADU homes are a hot trend in California. The prefab house design is becoming popular with homeowners looking for an affordable and convenient way to live close to the city. Prefab ADUs have recently made their way into neighborhoods in cities like San Francisco, Berkeley, and Los Angeles. Pre-built homes are more than just a new form of housing. Also, they are an option for families that might otherwise be unable to afford a traditional home or want something different from their neighbors. So how exactly do these homes work? And why do so many people in them choose this type of living arrangement? Here's everything you need to know about ADUs in California. 

Prefab vs. Sticky-Built

If you are building a manufactured home ADU from scratch, it is important to consider the type of ADU you want. You might think stick-built construction is faster and more affordable than prefab, but this is only sometimes true. Stick-built homes require more time and money than prefab homes. It is because the process involves building everything from scratch, from your foundation to foundation walls (which can cost up to $3,000) and roofing materials (which can run as high as $8 per square foot). In addition to being more expensive than preassembled units, stick-built homes are also more expensive. Further, you have more construction options to customize according to your needs. Similarly, customization in ADUs manufactured at home is relatively inexpensive. 

Permits, Planning, and Designing Process

Each city in California requires a permit to construct a prefab ADU. However, an ADU builder in California must have a permit before starting construction. Additionally, permits are expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating for builders. However, an ADU is a special type of detached or attached single-family dwelling that you must plan wisely. Further, it is also known as a "granny flat." Similarly, when planning an ADU, it is important to have a good plan before starting construction. It is because the design process will help you determine what kind of home you want to build and where it should be located on your property.

The Construction Phase

Once you have decided on the location of your prefabricated ADU, the next step is to find an ADU builder in California to start building it. However, the construction process is similar to that of a traditional home. Your builder will use prefabricated modules (also known as "shells") to create your new dwelling. After that, they transport them to your site by truck or trailer. This reduces construction time and cost and provides better quality control over each unit's design and materials.

You will also benefit from customizing certain features without affecting prefab ADU costs in California. Let the construction company know if there is something specific about how you want your new home built. This makes it easier for them when designing their prefabricated homes. They will know exactly what needs replacing or adding, so everything matches up perfectly when complete.

Ideal space for constructing prefab ADU

Constructing prefab homes in your backyard is the best while living in California. It is because, in this way, you can add great value to your existing property. You also can connect with living space or construct a separate entrance. However, prefab ADU creates great liveability of your existing land. In fact, you can use it to build separate accessory dwelling units to rent them out and earn extra income.

On the contrary, you can build prefab homes in your garage. However, it is typically built on top of an existing garage or other outbuildings with electricity and plumbing (and no walls). This allows you to get into your new living space without tearing down any walls or moving furniture around. Also, you can still access whatever utilities are available on your property. 


The key takeaway from this article is that living in a prefab ADU home is becoming more popular for several reasons. The cost-effective nature of the project makes it attractive for those who need space but need more money to afford another expensive house. However, the growing popularity of these homes means that more people will be able to live in them.


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