Why GIFs Are Important for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Why GIFs Are Important for Your Digital Marketing Strategy
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08 November 2022

Are you still using archaic tweaks and tricks as your digital marketing strategy? Or you have opted for trendy tactics to add zing to your advertising game? No, no, don’t close the tab - We’re talking about GIFs here. Yes! 137 years old animated solution…

… We’re living in an era where customers are bombarded with marketing messages on all social mediums – brands now look for new ways to cut through the noises while engaging their target audience. Consequently, businesses have turned to vibrant GIFs to get their message across. In the old times, GIFs were only used for adding flavor to conversions or bogging down the argument.

But today, GIFs are used to spice up marketing content – it adds multimedia flair to the digital marketing approach for businesses that want to stay ahead of their competitors. To be precise, it is a graphic interchange format image that shares your information swiftly in the most appealing manner. GIFs make your campaign engaging and eye-catching. All you need to do is partner with any digital marketing agency so that you can flawlessly add conspicuous animations to your landing pages, emails, blog posts, and more!

But before adding it to your promotional toolkit, it is pretty important for you to know why and how GIFs buck up your digital marketing strategy.

Let’s see how GIFs can supercharge your marketing strategies…

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Add…

… GIFs in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Indeed, GIFs deliver an appealing message in a matter of seconds. But before making GIF part of a marketing campaign, you need to analyze your audience and industry. And remember, no one knows your audience better than you. So, just think would they appreciate it???

If you're looking to reach a tech-savvy audience, GIFs are a great option - And the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Spot on… Here are 10 reasons why you should use GIFs in your online marketing approaches.

1. Lower Google Search Competition

Remember, usually, people do not optimize their images… and this is where you can reap the maximum benefits by using GIFS. In simpler terms, you will compete against fewer websites having the same agenda or topic. Confused? We are trying to say that by consistently optimizing and publishing GIFs you can attract organic traffic. Just make sure to add an appropriate description and title.

2. GIFs Boost Engagement

We are all aware that people nowadays spend most of their time watching online videos. However, GIFs are not videos. But they are a step above images. Everyone enjoys videos as they are visually appealing. Unlike videos, GIFs automatically play and loop. Furthermore, each is laser-focused on a single topic.

Bear in mind - in your digital marketing strategy, nothing can beat the level of GIFs.

3. GIFs Show Your Brand’s Personality

With the help of animated videos, brands can showcase their different personalities. Just look around, and you will notice that every other brand nowadays is following this practice. Which is forcing businesses to think differently.

Let’s take a quick glance at the Pop-Tarts GIPHY channel, for example, reveals that Pop-Tarts is a quirky brand aimed at the Gen Z market:

Denny's is yet another instance of a brand personality that is clearly expressed through the use of GIFs. They're now known for their bizarre social media presence, where they post tons of GIFs.

4. Exceptional Promotional Material

For retail businesses, it is pretty challenging to sell a product with an image, and many do not have the budget for a video. What if we told you there is a way to create high-quality video content on a shoestring budget? Everyone now has a phone with a camera nowadays and you can easily compete with the image quality using your phone.

Simply photograph the product from every possible angle to create a 360-degree image slideshow. Then, upload those images on Giphy.com to convert them into a GIF form. Tada! You have now got a perfect GIF to showcase your offerings in a dynamic way that would surely appeal to the audience.

Amazing no???

5. Gifs Cater to Short Attention Spans

Well, People don't mind giving up 5 seconds to watch gifs because they are known for being short. Furthermore, if done correctly, they encourage and persuade the audience, which often encourages them to watch more.

Moreover, your target audience only has time to read 28% of words per visit to a webpage on average, which means that only about three-quarters of your message will be read.' So, to ensure that your digital marketing strategy or message is not overlooked, make your 'call to action button or 'product process' paragraph into an animated GIF!

Sounds Good??? If you think you can’t do this on your own, hire a digital marketing agency to help you.

6. Gifs Are Mobile Friendly

Gifs only last a few seconds, so their file size is significantly smaller, making uploading and loading them much faster. Instead of losing your audience's attention by incorporating a slow-loading video, why not grab their attention instantly with a GIF?

The other way around, GIFs and smartphones are a match made in heaven. Do you know about its best part? GIFs play or loop automatically when loaded, unlike videos, which open in a new app or window on your mobile device. Incorporating them into your digital marketing strategy, especially content will boost video engagement without requiring a lot of bandwidth.

7. They Are Fun

The bottom line is GIFs are entertaining and the audience adores them. Using GIFs increases the relevance and fun of your brand. While it is difficult to focus on things that directly increase your CTR and drive traffic, GIFs will make your customers happy. This, in effect, leaves them with a positive impression of your brand, which will lead to your marketing accomplishing all of its objectives.

8. GIFs Produce Incomparable Marketing Results

You're probably aware of the advantages that visual content brings. But we are sure you haven’t realized it yet that GIFs can help you improve your marketing results. Whether you use GIFS in an email, website, or blog, they can help your content stand out and produce better visual marketing results for your company. While adding flair to your digital content, GIFs attract attention and increase audience engagement on different platforms… we discussed that before, remember?

Wrapping up…

GIFs are much more than just a fun way to add personality to a text exchange. They're also a great business marketing tool and provide an exciting way to add vibrancy to a marketing mix. Believe it or not but, businesses are opting for it and as GIFs are gaining momentum, we expect to see more creatives' idea to take over the digital marketing world.

So, if you want to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level, just get in touch with Fossphorus (The best Digital Marketing Agency in town). We can help bring your social media posts, email campaigns, and websites to life while making a significant impact on your target audience.

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