Why GSE Rentals Are the Perfect Solution for Your Business

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GSE, or ground support equipment, is what every airline and every major company worldwide uses to maintain their air fleets effectively. The importance of these machines is immense, as they help in countless ways and allow you to keep your operational plan in excellent condition. They also reduce the time the aircraft is docked and on the ground and not yet flight ready. 

However, many businesses can't afford to purchase GSE equipment outright because it's too expensive. That's where ground support equipment rentals come in. Keep reading to find out why it could be the perfect solution for you.


Airlines and major companies frequently invest in top-of-the-line ground service equipment. However, these same companies often have their own planes and jets, which have commercial uses and can transport hundreds of people simultaneously. The equipment itself is quite costly, and the only way to turn a profit once you've bought them is if you're working at a massive scale like an airliner or if you somehow maintain the equipment and use it for several decades. On the other hand, GSE rentals are cheaper, and since the initial investment isn't as big, you'll be able to turn a profit sooner. This rental system is a great option for any small or medium-sized business. 

There's greater flexibility.

If you purchase ground support equipment, they'll be by your side whether or not you have a use for them. However, using a rental system, you'll have greater flexibility. There are long-term and short-term rentals. Long-term is great if you're a small business that can't afford the equipment otherwise. Short-term rentals are used by businesses that are close to being able to afford purchasing equipment themselves but need ground support in the meantime to bridge the gap. Some airports and airlines operate in locations that cannot have flights at certain times of the year, usually due to snow. In these cases, you can rent the equipment during the peak season and give it back during the months of the year you know you'll have no use for them. 

You’ll have access to the best, most modern equipment

When purchasing ground support equipment, businesses usually have to make a budget and buy equipment that matches their revenue level. Smaller businesses will only be able to afford budget models or older ones that are outdated. These models will not be as efficient as the newer ones due to disrepair or obsolete technology, resulting in prolonged repair periods and a shorter window for planes to be flight ready. If you rent equipment, however, the vendor will provide the latest equipment decked out with all the modern technology you could need, speeding up maintenance and repairs. 

Vendors offer trial periods

Vendors are eager to get new business, and they know the only way to do that is to attract as many customers as possible with great deals and perks. One of the biggest perks of the ground support equipment rental system is that many companies may give you trial periods. You'll have access to the equipment free of cost, and you'll be able to use it on your planes. If you like the machine, you can purchase or rent it. If you don't, the worst-case scenario is that you just have to use some equipment to manage your planes for free.

You won’t be responsible for upkeep or damages.

If you're an owner of anything, be it a car, house, or a small item, it's your responsibility to repair it and maintain it. However, with this rental system, if the equipment you're using breaks down or is damaged, you won't be held responsible unless you caused the damage yourself, and you won't have to pay for its repairs. The company providing the equipment will also invest money to maintain it and keep it running as smoothly as possible. 


Ground support equipment has been supporting the flight industry and keeping planes in the air for decades. There are billions of dollars worth of research and development behind these machines, and they've been made as efficient as possible to support the massive planes of today. If they can keep those planes flying, they'll be great for your business and would increase your efficiency. 

If you're interested in finding out how it could change your business firsthand, use the information in this article to help you secure some rentals today! 

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