Why Possums Invade Your Space and How to Deter Them

Why Possums Invade Your Space and How to Deter Them
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19 December 2023

Possums, often viewed as uninvited guests in urban and suburban areas, are intriguing creatures that can sometimes become a nuisance. Understanding why they invade human spaces and how to deter them effectively is essential for a peaceful coexistence. Possum Removal Seabrook blog will explore the reasons behind possum invasions and offer practical tips to keep them at bay.

Understanding Possum Behavior

Natural Habitat and Diet

Possums are opportunistic omnivores, thriving in a variety of habitats. Their diet typically includes fruits, nuts, insects, small rodents, and even roadkill. Urban environments, with their abundance of gardens, compost bins, and pet food, can mimic a possum's natural foraging grounds, inadvertently attracting them.

Seeking Shelter

These nocturnal animals often seek shelter in dark, secluded areas. Urban environments provide ample hiding spots for possums, such as attics, under porches, and within dense foliage. They prefer these areas for their safety from predators and proximity to food sources.

Adaptation to Urban Environments

Possums have adapted remarkably well to urban life. The warmth of human habitats and the easy availability of food make urban areas attractive to them. They are also known to be resilient and resourceful, able to navigate the challenges of an urban landscape.

Why Possums Can Be Problematic

Property Damage

Possums can cause significant damage to homes and gardens. They might chew through wiring, disrupt insulation, or damage ductwork while seeking shelter. Gardens can also suffer as they forage for food, damaging plants and fruits.

Noise and Mess

Their nocturnal activities can lead to noise disturbances, particularly in roof spaces. Moreover, they can leave behind droppings and urine, which can be not only unpleasant but also potentially hazardous.

Potential Health Risks

Although generally not aggressive, possums can carry diseases such as leptospirosis, tuberculosis, and tularemia. Their droppings may also harbor harmful bacteria and parasites.

How to Deter Possums Effectively

Securing Food Sources

  • Ensure garbage bins are securely closed.
  • Avoid leaving pet food outside.
  • Use compost bins with tight-fitting lids.

Altering the Habitat

  • Trim tree branches that provide easy access to roofs.
  • Install possum guards on trees to prevent them from climbing.
  • Remove dense foliage where possums might hide.

Making Your Space Less Inviting

  • Use motion-activated lights or sprinklers as possums prefer darkness.
  • Install grilles or screens on vents and chimneys to block entry points.

Humane Deterrence

  • Use chemical repellents that are specifically designed to be safe and humane.
  • Consider installing nesting boxes away from your home to provide alternative shelter.

Professional Removal

If possums have already established residence in your home, it may be necessary to seek professional wildlife removal services. These experts can ensure that possums are removed humanely and legally.


Living harmoniously with wildlife requires understanding, patience, and responsible management. By recognizing why possums are drawn to urban areas and taking proactive steps to make your space less attractive to them, you can effectively deter these nocturnal visitors. Remember, the goal is coexistence, not conflict, and with the right approach, it's entirely possible to achieve a peaceful solution for both humans and possums.

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