Why Should I Buy Voopoo Vape Coils?

Why Should I Buy Voopoo Vape Coils?
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14 February 2023

The lowest resistance offered by Voopoo Vape Coils is 0.15 ohm, while the most significant resistance is 1.2 ohm. There is something for everyone with these coils, whether you like Direct-to-Lung (DTL) or Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping styles. You may utilise several Voopoo vape kits, both old and new, with the entire selection of PnP and TPP coils. The mesh construction on each Voopoo coil enhances flavour and vapour production.

Wattage Ranges:

These coils are best suited with various wattage ranges, from 8W to 35W. Each coil's resistance and power range varies. You should pick the most appropriate one for your favourite Voopoo vape kits and tanks. 

Most Popular Voopoo Vape Coils:

Browse the wide selection of Voopoo coils to get the ideal one for your vaping preferences. Here is a selection of  top-selling Voopoo vape coils in the UK, which are available in a variety of resistance and wattage settings and will let you enjoy mouthwatering flavours from your preferred e-liquids:

  • Voopoo PnP TW Replacement Coils (Pack Of 5)
  • Voopoo ITO Replacement Coil (Pack Of 5)
  • Voopoo PnP Coils For Vinci X, R And Air
  • Voopoo TPP Replacement Coils (Pack Of 3)

How Frequently Should The Voopoo Vape Coils Be Changed?

Your vaping habits will determine when the coil needs to be replaced. If you vape sometimes, aim to swap out the coil of your Voopoo vape kit every four weeks. To experience better vaping, however, if you vape 20 times a day, you must change the coil every one or two weeks.

Voopoo Vape Coils Are An Excellent Option: 

Ensure you're using the correct way to extend your coils' lifetime. Your vaping experience will improve when you choose high-quality, well-performing vape coils, such as Voopoo coils. These excellent coils provide a delightful vaping experience with superior flavours and vapours. If the coils are primed, they will last a long time. 

How Long Do Voopoo Pod Coils Last?

Don't expect to be tinkering with PnP coils anytime soon since they are disposable; what you see is what you get. After two to three weeks of consistent vaping, be prepared to replace your vape coil. The extensive selection of Voopoo Coils gives vapers a lot of choices and gives them the opportunity to have an unforgettable vaping experience. You can pick from the PnP or TPP coil series for Voopoo Vape kits and tanks and enjoy extended vaping sessions. 

What Makes Mesh Coils Superior?

These coils are more sensitive than ordinary coils thanks to the meshing structure, which enables the coil to heat up rapidly. Additionally, mesh coils typically generate more flavours and more significant vapours since they have a wider surface area in contact with the wick. Voopoo vape kits use mesh-structured vape coils.


Some of the top-selling vape kits are Voopoo kits; they appeal to new and experienced vapers. These vape devices have something for everyone and are attractively designed as sub-ohm vapes. So go and get yours now!


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