Why should I choose disposable vapes over pods as beginners?

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Why should I choose disposable vapes over pods as beginners?

If you are new to vaping and confused about satisfying your cravings, we have a detailed answer to why you should choose disposable vapes.

Why is the vaping trend growing so fast?

As the smoking community has been getting familiar with the harmful consequences of smoking, people tend to switch to vaping. Vaping is quite healthier and safer than smoking due to the ingredients of vape juice and the processed fantastic flavours as a replacement for tobacco. While getting to vaping, the first question arises where should I start? In this scenario, you don’t need to worry and choose disposable vapes, Crystal Vape 4000 and R and M Tornado 7000 etc. Now you want to know “why”, you will get the right answer in this blog.

A complete guide to choosing vapes – As a beginner

First, we will let you introduce the types of vapes like 4000 Puff Crystal Bar available in the market. There are generally different types of vapes with slight dissimilarity in the UK market. Let’s explore the vapes here with us.

Types of vapes

  1. Cigalike vapes are close to the traditional cigarette design and provide a throat hit similar to tobacco. It is a draw-activated type of vape, and you don’t need to press any buttons to switch it on. Moreover, it is a cheap, discreet and easy-to-use type of vape. 
  2. Vape pens- a pen-like design with a refillable tank and replaceable coils for a satisfactory experience. It is quite fiddly than pod kits due to changing coils and maintenance requirements. 
  3. Pod kits- These are refillable and rechargeable vape pods that offer a variety of flavours. It is handy to use and accompanies a long-lasting battery.
  4. Mod Box Kits- these are heavier and box-shaped with large capacity batteries, requiring coil replacement and refilling and charging. It uses sub-ohm Technology to give a versatile experience.
  5. Disposable vapes – are the easiest-to-use pods and don’t need to be maintained for long. They may be rechargeable or not and don’t require refilling, though. Moreover, once you are done with the pod, you can dispose of it quickly.

Inhaling Technology of Vapes

The following three types of inhaling are allowable in vaping depending upon the brand and products.

Mouth–to–Lung: In this technology, flavourful-filled e-liquid produces vapour that goes into the mouth and then to the lungs. It is most likely to smoke a cigarette.

Direct–to–Lung: It is directed as inhaling the e-liquid from a sub-ohm directly to the lungs as taking a normal breath. 

Restricted–to–lung: It is the same as direct-to-lung (DTL). However, it doesn’t require so much airflow over the coil. 

Why should a beginner choose disposable vapes?

When suggesting the beginners, we consider choosing disposable vapes over the pod kits. Pod kits require refilling the tank, which can be a hassle for newcomers. Pods offer you MTL and DTL inhaling with rechargeable batteries. But often, with some brands, you may also need to change the mesh coils. At the same time, disposable vapes with rechargeable batteries, such as Crystal 4000 Puffs, can offer you a pod-like vaping experience. However, you don’t need to refill the e-liquid and maintenance. When you choose disposable vapes, you select a certain amount of salt, which suits beginners the best. These are draw-activated and ready to use right after getting off the packaging. So, you don’t worry about switching your vapes on and choosing the best suitable flavour concentration for your 4000 puff crystal bar. Choosing disposable vapes ensures you safe inhaling due to their mouth-to-lung technology. Furthermore, disposable vapes are available in several flavours with a compact and handy design. Lastly, a disposable vape is quite affordable for beginners than the pod kit and mod boxes.

Which disposable vapes are best?

After experiencing the best brands available in the UK, we recommend that beginners choose a rechargeable disposable vape. So, none other than Crystal Vape 4000 can be the optimal choice for a newbie to vaping. The 4000-puff crystal bar has some exclusive features, such as a modest and unique device that gives a smooth and incredible vaping experience. It contains the best quantity of puffs, sufficient to help you weave your smoking effectively. With the crystal body of crystal 4000 puffs, it gets to glow upon taking the puffs. The 2ml e-liquid cartridge gives up to 4000 breaths with the rechargeable battery option. Moreover, you have a variety of choices in flavours, from fruity ones to candy and beverages.

The one-stop shop for choosing disposable vapes

It is not obvious that choosing the best disposable vapes may give you an outstanding vaping experience. Hence, choosing a vape shop with original and authentic disposable vape is equally essential. We suggest you select the Simba Vapes UK online vape store for reliable disposable vapes. Simba Vapes is one of the leading online shops in the UK which offer crystal vape 4000 at an affordable price with the finest service quality. It is a trustworthy shop with precise delivery, shipping, refund and return policies and retains its customers from any inconvenience. Moreover, you can also store your favourite 4000 puff crystal bar with Simba vapes because it offers a pack of 10 for only £63.00 – £65.00. Similarly, it facilitates its customers with seasonal and occasional discounts also.


No doubt, vaping is a good alternative and effective way to get rid of smoking, but the start of anything good could be more transparent. Because the first experience paves the path for the other one, we suggest what is best for you and your health. So, choose disposable vapes like Crystal Vape 4000 from Simba vapes uk online store and get a worry-free best vaping experience. Opt Simba vapes once and enjoy forever with their high-end 4000 puffs crystal vapes.
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