Why should Pharmacies need Billing Software for Pharmacy Management?

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In the large landscape of pharmacy management, precision, efficiency, and customer satisfaction are non-negotiable. One tool that has become indispensable in achieving these goals is billing software. Join us as we explore the transformative features offered by Varthagamsoft. For over a decade, Varthagamsoft has been at the forefront of empowering solutions for pharmacies. With 11 years of experience, we understand your business and the unique challenges faced by the pharmacy industry, we provide innovative and reliable pharmacy billing software in Chennai. 

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Features of Varthagamsoft’s Pharmacy Software: 

Quick Billing App: 

Time is the essence of a pharmacy billing. Our quick billing mobile app ensures speedy transactions without the need for additional system investment. Reduce wait times and enhance the overall customer experience effortlessly. 

Purchase Import Tool: 

Easy to import the complex task of Import purchases data with Varthagamsoft. We make it simple to import purchase data, saving you time and minimizing human errors. 

Reorder Process: 

Maintain a tension-free approach to purchase orders with our Reorder Process feature. Stay well-stocked without the stress of manual order management, ensuring your pharmacy runs smoothly. 

Inventory Management: 

Efficient inventory management is crucial for success. Varthagamsoft's pharmacy software takes the stress out of this task, allowing you to track and manage your inventory effortlessly. Minimize errors and optimize stock levels for a pharmacy operation. 

Prescription Online: 

Embrace a worry-less approach to prescription maintenance with Varthagamsoft. Maintain prescriptions online for easy access to critical information, manage your workflow and eliminate paper prescriptions. 

Loyalty Point Management: 

Customer loyalty is your priority. Our pharmacy billing software includes a Loyalty Point Management system for effortless tracking and redemption options. Build lasting relationships and keep customers coming back for more. 

Offer Management: 

Boost sales and customer satisfaction with our Offer Management feature. Create and track promotions, enhancing the overall purchase experience for your customers. We understand the importance of strategic offers in driving business growth. 


In conclusion, Varthagamsoft, with its 11 years of experience, offers a simple solution that addresses the unique needs of pharmacies. From inventory management to quick billing and loyalty point systems, Varthagamsoft elevates your pharmacy to new heights! 

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