Why To Choose A Professional Orthodontist For Your Dental Problems

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Orthodontists Complete Additional Training
Garden City Orthodontics first complete dental school (yes, we are fully licensed dentists as well!). and then proceed on to a second two years (or more) of specialist orthodontic care training.

Orthodontists get greater knowledge about the face, jaw, teeth, and spine's bones and muscles during that time. the intricate web of connections that makes up your smile.

Orthodontists consider the whole situation
Orthodontists examine your bite as well as the balance of the bones in your neck, jaw, mouth, and face as a whole. Long-term issues like migraines, poor posture, teeth grinding, and tooth loss can be brought on by misaligned bites. A specialist will also consider the underlying reason of misalignment and try to develop smiles that will be healthy for the rest of one's life.

Physical and psychological advantages
A beautiful smile is one of the many physical benefits of orthodontic treatment, in addition to psychological ones like increased self-confidence. This is because orthodontic therapy corrects:

• Bad bites that can harm gums and teeth
• Prominent or crooked teeth
• Misshapen smile
• Uneven and crowded teeth
• Issues with speech, breathing, or chewing
• Asymmetrical jaws (which can affect your facial profile)

In addition, Garden City Orthodontics can assist with the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and can assist with the management of children's persistent thumb and finger sucking habits.

Choices for every lifestyle
Since the days of bulky metal braces, bands, and headgears, orthodontic treatment has advanced significantly. Modern orthodontic treatments are now made to be as discreet and comfortable as possible so that patients can go about their daily lives without shame or pain.

While clear braces, lingual (inside) braces, and clear aligners (such as Invisalign / Clear Correct) are now available as orthodontic treatment options, braces are still the most effective technique to straighten teeth and achieve a beautiful smile.

Only a specialised orthodontist has the education, knowledge, and full range of treatment options to give you the assurance that you're in the best hands possible, whether you're thinking about clear aligners or conventional braces.

Pediatric orthodontics
Did you know that at around the age of 7-8 years, young children with crooked teeth or terrible bites should consult an orthodontist? Additionally, did you know that you can visit an orthodontist without a referral?

Don't worry. you're not the only one who gave a "no" response! The majority of parents struggle to grasp orthodontics.

It's crucial to realize that certain (but not all) orthodontic issues can be quickly fixed when dealt with when the jaws are still developing and well before all of the adult teeth have come in. Waiting until adolescence to seek orthodontic treatment might cause these early issues to develop, necessitating more difficult and invasive treatment options that could have been avoided.

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