Why you must gift a Kick Scooter to your toddler

Why you must gift a Kick Scooter to your toddler
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As a parent, you wonder about adding good hobbies to your kids. Kick scooters will be the happiest choice you can ever make. It seeds self-confidence and courage in the kid's heart. 

Safety is a concern for most parents and gifting the right scooter is essential for your kids' safe ride. Besides reviews and ratings, it is the responsibility of a parent to look deeper for the benefits a kid avail from riding a scooter. 

It is been said that fine and gross motor skills are highly mandated to be embraced in childhood and riding a kick scoot greatly aids in nurturing much-needed skillsets. 

Reviews and ratings

For every product, the mix-up of positive and negative reviews still persists. A fall or injury is quite common in riding a scooter. Learning starts from falls and failures. Relax, safety gears are there to keep your kid safe. 

Did you know? Toddlers show interest to ride a scooter. Adding to the fun and excitement, a toddler will learn the master the skills of balance and synchronizing the activities of sensors, and it builds them the confidence to take a risk. 

The moment you gifted a scooter to your toddler, you are not on the fulfilment of your responsibility. It is your due duty to train your kid on how to push, brake and scoot. 

Unboxing the benefits

Assuming you’ve already decided to buy your toddler their first-ever scooter (and the essential safety gear), then here are several benefits to cheer them (and you) up when scooting; 

Fine motor and Gross motor skills

Fine motor and gross motor skills lie as the basis for proper nurturing of a child in their growth phase. The interest to learn, explore and creativity is ignited in the kid's hearts and minds by the kids from the experience they infer from riding a scooter. 

Balance and instructions

Interest towards a bike ride in adulthood depends on the experience of riding a Kick Scooter in childhood. Learning to balance the scooter in addition to eye-hand coordination is crucial. At the same time, this skill set can be learnt by the kids during their childhood. By gifting a kick scooter to your kid, you're aiding your kid to learn how to ride a bike safely with proper balance and following the direction signs. 


Nurturing self-confidence during childhood is essential to embrace the risk-taking persona in the growth phase of youth and adulthood.Riding a kick scooter benefits toddlers in building their confidence in handling their stuff. When it turns out to be successful, kids show interest in mastering other hobbies and extra-curricular activities. 

Enhances pre-reading skills

Riding a kick scooter enables the kid to learn how to have a firm grip and handles. Holding a writing kit is essential to upskill pre-reading skills. Handling a kick scooter makes it easy for kids to hold a pencil or other objects during their growth phase. It aids in the learning of brushing their teeth and much more. 

Fun and freedom

Kids love the freedom and fun they experience whenever they ride scooters, either with their parents or playmates. 


Gifting a kick scooter with safety gear to your kids aids them in learning and understanding the importance of safety measures. Kids start to manipulate their perception of safety and the interest they wish to cherish. It aids in the nourishment of being responsible for their own cause. 


It is time to change your perception of the need for gifting a kick scooter. We hope this article has fed you with the insights and benefits, your kids can avail of from riding a kick scooter. If you are a parent looking for purchasing kids' kick scooters, Happy Bear is the right kids' store to make the best buy. Please visit https://www.happybear.co.in/ for more information.

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