Why You Should Hire an Ecommerce Accountant

Why You Should Hire an Ecommerce Accountant
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04 October 2022

When you’re building a business that is essentially ecommerce based you can get this false sense that keeping tabs on your finances is going to be easy. After all, every single sale is going to be registered directly in the system. Most ecommerce platforms are going to allow you to withdraw your funds directly to your account. It all seems simple enough right?

Actually, if you didn’t have to worry about paying taxes, it’s a pretty simple business to run. However, since everyone has to pay taxes it’s a good idea to get an accountant that has ecommerce experiences to be able to help you with your finances. One of the things that you want to be very careful with when you’re running an ecommerce business are all of the small fees that you’re paying to different platforms to withdraw your money or be able to charge your clients’ cards directly. A lot of those fees are tax-deductible.

Knowing What You Can or Can’t Deduct

We’ve talked about an accountant helping you come tax time a bit already. You probably don’t want to hire just any accountant to help you with your taxes if you’re running an ecommerce business. Sometimes accountants that are very accustomed to working with traditional businesses won’t have the know-how to help you deal with your ecommerce business. That could lead to not only less money in tax returns for you, but it could also get you some hot water with the IRS. That’s certainly the worst case scenario. You’re investing in a service precisely to ensure that you don’t have trouble with the IRS, but you hire the wrong people for the job. Contact us to learn more.

Creating A Business Model On The Accounting Side That Works For You

It’s not just during tax time that having an accountant is going to be beneficial to your online business. A lot of times, when you first start your business, particularly an online one, you’ll configure the payment platform so that the money you earn comes back directly to your personal account. Even if you’re running a small operation, it may not be wise to mix your personal finances with that of your business. Doing so can make it hard to keep track of your business expenses for example. As we mentioned, those can be tax deductible, but you’re essentially putting yourself in a situation where you’re trying to find a needle in a haystack.

An accountant can help you find the right money management setup for your business so that you don’t have to mix your personal finances with that of your company. Whether that be through opening a new account that is just meant for business or whatever it may be. Each situation can certainly turn out to be unique. This help with money management hopefully allows online business owners not only to get better tax breaks but to reinvest more money into their business to help it grow. Different businesses can find equally diverse ways to improve with a little extra help.

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