Why You Should Learn on the Unicycle You Plan to Ride

Why You Should Learn on the Unicycle You Plan to Ride
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05 January 2023

It may be the case that many dedicated unicyclists own more than one unicycle. There’s sort of a “once you pop, you just can’t stop,” mentality among certain riders.

But becoming a proficient rider is a lifelong discipline, and it takes many years to become a true master of the one-wheeler.

So, if you’re just starting out, our words of wisdom are these: start on a model that “fits” the niche you want to fill.

That is, if you’re interested in muni riding, get a mountain unicycle. If you’re interested in freestyle or trick riding, get a unicycle that’s tough and agile. If you’re interested in commuting, get one with a larger wheel and smoother tires.

Learning to ride on one that’s well-aligned with your interest is a good idea for two important reasons. One, it will keep you from spending more down the line “just because,” and two, it will help shorten the learning curve. There’s little sense in learning to ride on one model just to have to transfer your skills to a different one with its own idiosyncrasies.

And anyway, the skills you hone in learning to ride a unicycle are largely transferable to bicycles, odd bikes like circus clown bikes, and other wheeled machines.

So let’s take a look at some good options for beginners, by discipline.

For Aspiring Mountain Unicyclists
Mountain unicycles tend to have tires between 24” and 29” because these are very versatile wheel sizes that offer a good deal of agility and maneuverability without being terribly slow. In fact, the 27.5” and the 29” offer a great deal of balance between speed and agility.

Popular mountain unicycles include:

● Nimbus 24”, 26”, and 29” Mountain Unicycles

●Nimbus Hatchet 26” (with a wide, offset frame that can accommodate fatter tires)

● Nimbus Oracle 26”, 27.5”, and 29”

● Kris Holm 27.5” Mountain Unicycle

● And Unicycle.com’s Purple Monster, with a huge, 20x4 tire

Another thing to note is that while many featured and popular models of mountain unicycles have brakes, that’s not something you’re likely to ever really need. So if you’re just starting out, skip the brake and get a more affordable model.

For Hobbyists and Freestyle Riders: Club Unicycles
For aspiring freestyle riders and others looking for affordable unicycles that offer good performance and versatility, Club is a great brand. Some top picks include the following:

● Club 16” Freestyle Unicycle: This size is great for young learners because, while the wheel size makes the unicycle very responsive, it is also finicky on all but the smoothest surfaces.

● Club 20” Freestyle Unicycle: The 20” is one of the most popular sizes of unicycle and the Club 20” Freestyle represents exceptional value. They’re great for learning and while not good for commuting, they are very agile and are great for freestyle riding as well as unicycle sports.

While Club unicycles make great learning machines for aspiring freestyle riders, Nimbus makes some really tough, high-quality unicycles too. Consider also the Nimbus Eclipse Pro Freestyle, Nimbus II, and Nimbus Equinox for freestyle riding, all in 20” sizes.

Learn More at Unicycle.com
Still have questions about getting started with unicycle riding, such as what sorts of tools or unicycle safety gear you should get?

Visit Unicycle.com online via the previous link. They carry a wide range of unicycles from brands like Hoppley, Club, Nimbus, Kris Holm, and even Schwinn that are great for learners, freestyle riders, commuters, muni riders, and more. They even carry mini bikes and clown bikes for collectors and performers.

Visit their website or get in touch with them today at 678-494-4962.

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