Will the iphone 14 case fit the iphone 15 plus?

Will the iphone 14 case fit the iphone 15 plus?
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The new release of an iPhone every year brings both excitement and some worry among Apple fans. One common question that emerges is: "Can I use my old case with the new iPhone?" This inquiry is particularly pertinent with the arrival of the iPhone 15 Plus. This article discusses if an iPhone 14 case will fit an iPhone 15 Plus, considering Apple's design changes and their impact on accessory compatibility.

Compatibility Check: From iPhone 14 to iPhone 15 Plus

As technology evolves, so does the design of our favorite gadgets. The iPhone 15 Plus, with its fresh features and modifications, is no exception. Let's dissect the key aspects of iPhone 15 plus phone cases:

Size and Dimensions

  • iPhone 14: Known for its robust build, the iPhone 14 measures certain dimensions.
  • iPhone 15 Plus: The new model sports slightly altered dimensions to accommodate advanced features.

These subtle changes in size influence the compatibility of cases. A case designed for the iPhone 14 might not perfectly fit the iPhone 15 Plus if the dimensions have been tweaked, even slightly.

Camera Layout and Button Placement

Apple regularly improves the camera features with every new iPhone release, which can change the placement and size of the camera bump.

  • Camera Differences: An enhanced camera on the iPhone 15 Plus may involve a distinct configuration or an enlarged module, potentially affecting the compatibility of an iPhone 14 case.
  • Button Alignment: Adjustments in the design could also result in the volume or power buttons shifting, making an old case less functional if the cutouts no longer match up.

Material and Design Innovations

Every new iPhone iteration sometimes introduces materials with enhanced durability or aesthetic finish. These innovations can slightly alter the physical profile of the device.

  • New Materials: If the iPhone 15 Plus features a new material with different thickness or texture, it might affect the case fit.

External Feedback and User Reviews

Gleaning insights from early adopters can provide real-world feedback on case compatibility.

Consumer Reports

Gathering information from iPhone 15 Plus users who have attempted to use iPhone 14 cases can offer practical insights into the extent of compatibility issues.

Expert Reviews

Tech experts often test accessory compatibility when reviewing new devices. Their findings can be a crucial resource for understanding potential limitations with older cases.

Callout: Always check the latest reviews and consumer feedback before purchasing a new case or repurposing an old one with a new iPhone model.

The Verdict: To Fit or Not to Fit?

Considering the detailed examination of size, design, and user feedback, here are the summarized points:

  1. Dimensional Changes: Minor but impactful changes in size and thickness could affect the case fit.
  2. Camera and Button Adjustments: Redesigned components like the camera and button placement are crucial factors.
  3. Material Differences: Innovations in material might lead to slight variances in case fitting.


The anticipation of using an old iPhone 14 case on a new iPhone 15 Plus hinges on multiple factors. From changes in size and design to consumer and expert experiences, each aspect offers insights into compatibility. Before making the leap, consider these points, check the latest user reviews, and perhaps even test the case fit firsthand if possible. While it’s enticing to reuse accessories for environmental and economic reasons, ensuring your new iPhone is protected and fully functional takes precedence.

A good iPhone case is important for both looks and protection. So, choose wisely!

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