Wireless Industrial Router Networking as a Spare Tire

Wireless Industrial Router Networking as a Spare Tire
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Most IIoT projects are moving from wired networking to wireless cellular connections for backup connectivity. This does not account for the degradation of the wired market, but rather the more convenient way to back it up in an environment where wireless networks are available. It does not rely on cumbersome wiring to solve networking needs, but also enables growth and upgrades through cellular networks. модбус Ethernet
Its principle is that when the wired system fails, choose the backup networking method - 4G LTE to connect to ensure uninterrupted networking, which can ensure uninterrupted operation of important services. What are the benefits of this approach?
Reliability: Cell operators are steadily improving the reliability and availability of their 4G LTE networks, typically reaching 99.99%. What's more, wider LTE coverage is eliminating any speed differences between wired and wireless connections. With the advent of 5G, this trend will continue.
Better redundancy: Cellular failover connectivity avoids the inherent problems of sharing equipment, pipes, and carriers. Dual SIM industrial routers can be used in this environment, allowing you to switch between different wireless carriers for greater redundancy and cost management.
Security: A stateful firewall with best-practice configuration, automated patching, and updates provides an appropriate level of security.
Manageability: Cellular connectivity provides ease of use without replacing existing industrial routers, firewalls, or SD-WAN equipment. Remote configuration and troubleshooting of equipment can be done through external devices.
Ease of Adoption: Cellular connections complement and complement existing wired Internet connections. AC-DC одноканальный
Cost: Early implementations of cellular failover were often limited by expensive data plans. However, as the quality and cost of cellular networks improve, cellular networking is attractive as a backup option, or even primary networking, especially for long-distance networking needs.
Currently, the cost of running wired cables is high. Today, many companies are switching to cellular because the cost of operating a landline is prohibitive, and the pace of improvement in cellular technology is supporting the shift.

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