Woolen Blankets And Bedspreads For Autumn - What To Consider When Choosing?

Woolen Blankets And Bedspreads For Autumn - What To Consider When Choosing?
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01 March 2023

After a warm and sunny summer, autumn has come, with it, shorter and cooler days. Therefore, woollen sofa throw blankets and soft, lovely bedspreads will be more helpful during evening relaxation than ever. Are you planning to buy such an accessory but are still trying to decide what to choose? Check what elements are worth paying attention to.

Blanket, plaid or bedspread - what's the difference?

Are the blanket, rug and bedspread the same? The definitions of these concepts are pretty fluid since one accessory can perform several functions. However, indicative differences between individual products can be indicated. And yes:

The bedspread is most often, according to the name, put on a bed, sofa or armchair and has mainly decorative functions; that is why you can find both bedspreads made of soft and warm materials, which you can additionally wrap yourself up with, and more "rigid" ones, which are especially useful in the bedroom;

The blanket is mainly used to cover oneself with it and warm up - it is usually quite thick and soft; a bull's-eye during the autumn weather is, for example, a woollen blanket;

Plaid is often referred to as a fringed blanket, and this name is also often attributed to thicker, slightly more decorated sherpa throw, especially in the ethnic style.

So when you want to buy an autumn blanket, pay attention not so much to the name but to the material and design of the products you browse. After all, it's up to you whether, for example, the corner cover will serve you as a blanket, and the rug will decorate the armchair in the living room.

How to choose a bedspread or blanket for autumn?

What is the perfect blanket for fall? There is no one good answer to this question. Much depends on your taste or the interior design style to which such an autumn blanket will go. However, design is only one side of the coin. Remember that the bedspread for autumn is supposed to be pleasantly warm to be wrapped and protected against the unpleasant cold. Therefore, it is worth looking at the selected product from the "technical" side. Here are some key elements to keep in mind.

Material for a bedspread or blanket - what to pay attention to?

The material from which the blanket or plaid is made is essential. What matters is whether:

  1. It is pleasant to the touch and does not irritate or "bite",
  2. protects well against cold,
  3. it is soft and flexible enough to wrap around it,
  4. wicks away moisture well,
  5. it is easy to keep clean.

The thickness of the material is also essential - for an autumn blanket to warm well, it should have a high grammage. It is also worth choosing blankets that do not have an openwork texture - the cotton ones, woven using a traditional rice weave, should be left for the spring period.

And what materials are particularly recommended? Even wool works well. The woollen blanket is pleasantly soft and warm, and at the same time, it is a unique decoration of the interior. Notably, a woollen plaid should be made of a specific type of wool (e.g. merino) or thread with an acrylic admixture to cover yourself pleasantly. Its presence prevents the wool blanket from electrifying or irritating the skin. Pay attention to this when making your choice!

The weight and size of a blanket for autumn

What weight should an autumn blanket have? The higher, the better, because it will mean that your bedspread will warm better, thanks to the fact that it will be more "meaty" and thicker. But beware. Remember that a higher grammage means the blanket will be pretty heavy. Also, keep in mind that different materials have different weights. Therefore, for example, a thick cotton blanket may be heavier than one made of, for example, wool.

What about the size? The autumn blanket should be prominent so you can cover yourself with it. Therefore, 130 x 180 cm or larger dimensions will work best.

How to take care of blankets and bedspreads?

How to care for an autumn blanket or plaid depends mainly on the material it is made of. Therefore, it is worth checking the manufacturer's recommendations first and following them. For example, wool blankets can start to pill over time, and you can use a clothes shaver to restore their smoothness and aesthetics. Some even come with special combs! The method of washing bedspreads and blankets is also essential. It is worth remembering that many of them are made of delicate materials. Therefore, washing in a washing machine at high temperatures and spinning is not recommended.

Why is it worth choosing a wool blanket?

If you're thinking of a throw for fall, a wool blanket may be the best solution. What speaks for it? Primarily:

Fashionable design - you can choose, for example, a blanket with a thick weave or a Scandinavian-style woollen plaid, which will look beautiful both in the living room and in the bedroom,

Natural material - pleasant to the touch, warm and "breathable", and simultaneously helps to keep warm reliably; solid artistry - a thick wool blanket will serve you for years as a bedspread and a plaid.

See how many colours of warm wool blankets are available in our offer. Please take a closer look at them and choose a model that will warm you up on autumn and winter evenings!

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