WordPress: Gutenberg 6.8 launches with new Features

Alex Alex 31 October 2019
WordPress: Gutenberg 6.8 launches with new Features

The Work to block the content areas and the navigation menu block has been accelerated with the new Version. Gutenberg 6.8 brings beside new Features also a few new APIs. In addition, numerous Bugs have been fixed.

WordPress has brought for its default editor, Gutenberg Version 6.8 at the Start. In addition to new Features and APIs, Working to block content areas and the navigation menu block for the new Gutenberg-accelerated Version. The current Version continues to work to support gradients and it extends to the Cover-Block, instead of Inline Styles, class names are used.


A block nested selection, and interactions are further enhanced by a new Block-Breadcrumb-bar, with the fast in the block hierarchy can be navigated:


brings New Features and APIs for the Gutenberg-Editor

Gutenberg 6.8, according to the WordPress blog posts, a support for shades in the Cover Block. In addition, please navigate though has been added to the bar for a better selection of the block hierarchy.

What has been improved? In the Cover Block, the minimum height of the abschritte was altered to „One“. Display name for the blocks are now based on the content in the block Navigator. It can now also be hidden from the history window, if not explicitly, an empty history record has been defined. List elements do not need to be in paragraphs, are transformed, if the first list item has been deleted and the list is not empty. In addition, Inline Styles were replaced by the class name for the history palette, and list attributes are preserved when you Insert or Converted from the HTML-blocks.

In addition, have been eliminated for Gutenberg 6.8 some Bugs and some new APIs have been added. So it can be added, for example, a platform component, with the help of the Code can be adapted to mobile devices and the Internet. For more information about Gutenberg 6.8 are to be found in the blog post and Changelog.


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