Worker mobility and corporate transport services

Worker mobility and corporate transport services
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Commuting has become a national issue. Technology has connected the world, but people still struggle with their daily commute. Crowded buses, freezing cars, hot weather, and slow or non-existent transport all make it difficult for people to get to work and back. It's also not easy to arrive at the office and then go straight to work after a long journey, which is one of the reasons why companies are starting to offer special worker transport services.

Worker mobility and corporate transport services

There are many benefits of providing transport services for workers. The starting point of the transport service is usually an easily accessible location, such as a bus stop, where workers can gather to get on and off the bus. After work, the company will pick up and drop off workers at a designated location. This is a convenient option for workers because it reduces stress. Workers and companies understand the benefits of shuttle services and as a result, they have become commonplace.

 The environmental benefits are obvious.

  • Vehicles consume fuel.
  • More parking spaces in residential areas.
  • Reduced road congestion

6 Reasons to Provide Transport for Workers 

One of the most common reasons for employee dissatisfaction is time spent on transport. Most workers would rather work from home than deal with traffic congestion and extra commuting time every day. Bus rental companies in Dubai should encourage businesses to provide transport for their workers. Here are some examples.

1: Improve employee welfare and productivity.

Most buses pick up and drop off workers near major bus stops, metro stations and other transport hubs. Some bus companies even drive workers home. Providing these bus routes can reduce stress for workers on their way to work. Workers can avoid missing work or medical procedures due to traffic congestion or being late for work due to unexpected traffic jams. Buses also allow workers to prepare for the next day's work at the office. Workers can take breaks, check emails, plan their day, read the news and relax. During this preparation phase, they can get to work faster than usual.

2: Punctuality

People are often late for work during rush hour traffic. In addition, driving in traffic and waiting for traffic lights can sometimes be maddening. Missing traffic lights and being late for work can affect work schedules and deadlines. With a shuttle service, workers can avoid driving in traffic and make better use of their time. Workers who use shuttle services are more likely to get to work on time. As a result, workers find themselves more inspired and committed to their tasks. This will enhance employee dynamics and team spirit.

3: Cost Savings

Commuters spend a large portion of their income on commuting. They spend 20 per cent of their income on commuting for at least two hours a day. Providing transport services for workers can reduce costs and better manage employee transport. Commuting is a lower-cost solution for longer journeys. It is cheaper for employers than taxi subsidies and social benefits. It also reduces car park rental costs. Employers pay for workers to use the car park at the office. If a shuttle bus service is provided, workers will have fewer cars, thus reducing car parking costs.

worker transport service

4: Reputation.

Promotion is a major attraction for potential workers. When looking for a job, factors such as transport, distance from the workplace and working hours are also considered, in addition to the salary package. In other words, the distance between the office and the place of residence as well as the commuting time are important. Potential workers are more likely to choose to commute if the company provides a shuttle service. Even if a potential employee's commute is slightly longer than expected, the company is less likely to lose a talented individual. Workers benefit by being able to commute to work and save money on travel and fuel costs. Additionally, the company will be a "great" place to work considering the employee's well-being and comfort.

5: Better Communication

In competitive times, teamwork is very difficult. The workload is heavy and deadlines must be met. Allowing colleagues to spend time together is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy team. Travelling together is a great way to encourage workers to get to know each other better. Team spirit is strengthened when workers get to know each other better. Time outside of work helps workers bond with each other. This strengthens bonds and fosters team spirit.

6: Environmental benefits

The environmental benefits of transport services are enormous. For example, assuming an office has 100 workers who all drive to work, this means more air pollution. Statistics show that cars emit 60 per cent of carbon dioxide, while buses emit 20 per cent, so it makes sense to use less polluting bus services.

How can transport companies be the right solution for workers travelling?  

In today's fast-paced tech world, almost all professionals prefer to use mobile apps to perform a variety of tasks, from hailing a taxi to buying everyday items.

For example, they only offer flights to a certain location, not necessarily to the entrance of the workplace. Company-specific employee transport services can provide a more personalized experience and increase the ROI of customized employee transport services.


In big cities, there is always rush and chaos. Workers struggle every day to use public transport or find someone to drive them to work, which keeps anxiety at the forefront of their minds and ultimately hinders the achievement of company goals.

At the end of the day, can provide its workers with the best transport services that the company can benefit from. If your company is looking for specialized employee relocation services, then technology can play an important role in running a successful relocation service. Take a look at the various worker transport services offered by

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