Zed Run Clone - Experience the Mystical digital Horse race!

Zed Run Clone - Experience the Mystical digital Horse race!
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23 September 2022

NFTs in gaming is not just earning cryptos; it is about the user experience that keeps the users coming back every time with the development. Zed Run is a digital horse racing game that allows users to have their digital collectibles from the platform as horses. Likewise, the high-demanded Zed Run is available for crypto game enthusiasts from a white-label’s Zed Run clone script. 

Immanent components of Zed Run Clone

  1. A marketplace with different breeds of horses on exhibit.
  2. Ability to breed horses on the platform, either from their stable or from the marketplace itself. 
  3. Participate in the races, which are curated into different levels.
  4. Get the Horse collectibles in the platform to be enlisted with their breed type, skin color, the stock they belong to, and many more. 

Workflow of the Zed Run Clone

  1. Building a stable for the horse.
  2. Let the horses enter the race. 
  3. Create new horses by breeding them.
  4. Take the different levels of races.
  5. Set up the horsed of different stocks for different horses.
  6. Purchase a new horse for the race.
  7. Experience smooth payment and transactions on the platform. 

Dynamic Facets of Zed Run digital horse racing game 

  • Stocks 
  1. Targaryen
  2. Starks
  3. Lannister
  4. Baratheon
  • Genea
  • Breed Types
  • Gender
  • Skin Color


One of the most trending games on the digital platforms is Zed Run for its unique race theme and the integration of varied attributes to these horse collectibles. Zed Run clone appeals to the users for their massive rewards during the game, their durability in the platform, to possess nearly 38000 Exordiums, where 1000 are up for sale, and last but not least, their in-game stocked elements for the users. It's your turn to get the benefits of NFT game development with Zed Run Clone script and earn a fortune!

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