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Navigating the Path to Success: Understanding Certificate of Sponsorship

In today's interconnected world, opportunities often transcend borders. Whether it's pursuing higher education, embarking on a new career path, or exploring professional avenues, individuals frequently find themselves seeking opportunities abroad. Ho...

Visa Simple · 23 April · 3

Navigating the Certificate of Sponsorship Process for UK Visas

If you're considering working or studying in the UK, you'll likely encounter the term "Certificate of Sponsorship" (CoS) in your journey. This document plays a crucial role in obtaining various UK visas, and understanding its significance is essentia...

Visa Simple · 15 March · 2

The Types of Certificate of Sponsorship and How to Get a COS

A certificate of sponsorship (CoS) is an electronic document that testifies that a qualified and sincere immigrant has been offered employment or a place of study by a licensed UK firm or educational institution. What is a Certificate of Sponsorship? When hiring a foreign person on a Tier 2 Skilled Worker Visa or Tier 5 Visa, a UK-based firm must...

Visa simple · 03 January 2023 · 11