Managing Anxiety and Depression

It's normal to feel worried or depressed. These feelings occur multiple times throughout a person's lifespan. However, if your youngster becomes melancholy due to fearful feelings. Whether it has an i...
15 August ·
· 6 · Benjamin Levis

Various Forms of Mental Health Therapy

I don't know about the rest of you, but when I initially entered the profession of psychology, I felt overburdened by the amount of knowledge I needed to gain regarding the many approaches to mental h...
06 June ·
· 8 · Benjamin Levis

How I Can Discuss My Mental Health with Others

Even with people I've known for years, I've never been adept at discussing my mental health. In the past, I lacked the self-awareness necessary to discuss it with others in an effective manner. Even t...
31 May ·
· 3 · Benjamin Levis