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Dr Heidi Kling New York, United States

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"I am a licensed clinical psychologist with 25 years of experience helping people to work through painful life events such loss or trauma, conflicts in relationships, or trouble with addiction. In addition to working closely with clients to help them manage the distress they may be experiencing in their lives in a healthy and adaptive manner, I also encourage self-reflection so that problems are less like to recur in the future. At times, this may require confronting past experiences that are surfacing

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in the present in the form of symptoms such as depression, anxiety, uncontrollable anger, or problems with intimacy. I use a direct and interactive approach to help clients clarify problems, apply strategies to minimize negative behavior patterns, and cope more effectively with painful emotions. I also believe extreme circumstances can lead to growth, clarity and a greater capacity for resilience in general and I can help in this area as well. Ultimately, I believe the work and experience of psychotherapy can increase motivation and the capacity to change and heal, as well as allow clients to feel freer and more in control of their lives--and be less alone in their efforts to achieve this. Please feel free to reach out to see if we are good fit.

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