Puerto Rico Destination Photojournalist Have Simplified The Process

Similar to destination weddings, destination wedding photographers are a new trend in the wedding market. Few events are as fun as a destination wedding in a stunning place. A destination wedding phot...
02 March 2023 ·
· 6 · Ivvor Rocha

To Capture Real Photos Of Puerto Rico Ask For Ivvor Rocha Photography

It is just a thought of some people that revisiting the same place can usher everything from a different perspective. We do not know how true it might be but if you visit Puerto Rico every year you mi...
07 February 2023 ·
· 4 · Ivvor Rocha

What Does A Puerto Rico Wedding Photographer Do?

Wedding photographers document moments for the brides and grooms, telling a story via pictures of the ceremonies. Action photos are taken throughout the pre-ceremony rituals, the wedding and the recep...
10 January 2023 ·
· 6 · Ivvor Rocha

Guide to Finding the Perfect Photographer for Your Destination Wedding

You have decided to have your wedding in a far-flung locale! You've got it pegged that it'll be held someplace nice and toasty, with all your closest friends and family members in attendance. While this is an important consideration, it is simply the beginning of the final verdict. Many small and...
29 November 2022 ·
· 17 · Ivvor Rocha