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Lovemère is a Singapore-based maternity and nursing wear brand that was conceived to help moms and moms-to-be look and feel their best throughout their maternity and breastfeeding journeys. Our maternity apparel is designed to see you through pregnancy, nursing, and beyond.

Why Maternity Swimsuits Are Essential for New Mums?

Whether you are pregnant or a new mum, one essential item that should be on your shopping list is a maternity swimsuit. This swimwear provides the perfect fit and comfort for your changing body by off...
22 May ·
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Can I Wear Lace Maternity & Nursing Bralettes During Pregnancy?

Yes, you can wear lace maternity and nursing bralettes during pregnancy. These bralettes offer comfort, flexibility, and support, adapting to your changing body throughout pregnancy. The lace material...
01 May ·
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What is the Purpose of a Breastfeeding Nursing Cover?

A nursing cover serves multiple purposes, primarily designed to facilitate comfortable and discreet breastfeeding for mothers in public settings. These breastfeeding nursing covers allows a mother to...
17 April ·
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What are the Best Bras to Wear During Pregnancy?

Shopping for maternity bras may not be as easy as finding nursing bras, but investing in a few is important. A maternity bra with breathable fabric is a good idea. Some women get sweatier under or bet...
04 April ·
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