Which Things Are Necessary to Carry for The Hajj?

Hajj is the responsibility of a Muslim to perform once in a lifetime. That’s why, as a Muslim, we strive hard to earn enough in order to spend for Hajj. However, KSA is a strange country for us....
14 April ·
· 10 · Michal John

How many kgs does Qatar Airways allow?

Qatar Airways Economy Class Flights If you're planning to fly with Qatar Airways flights, one of the world's leading airlines, it's important to know the baggage allowance for their Economy Class fl...
10 April ·
· 6 · Michal John

Do I need a transit visa for Qatar to UK?

Planning a vacation from Qatar to the UK? Check out the visa policies of both countries. A transit visa for Qatar may be required if you want to travel via the country on route to the United Kingdom....
29 March ·
· 2 · Michal John

The Ultimate Guide to Planning and Enjoying a Cheering trips

If you're a die-hard sports fan, there's nothing quite like cheering on your favorite team in person. But planning a successful cheering trips requires careful preparation and organization. From choos...
17 March ·
· 7 · Michal John

How Can I Book a Cheap Airline Ticket?

operates international flights to destinations in Europe, Africa, and Asia. The company was founded in 1993 as SN Qatar Airways after being spun off from its original owners, Sabena. In 2017, it was a...
16 March ·
· 6 · Michal John