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Ontrendideas is a new age retailer who offers only the highest quality bedding and bathroom products. We focus on quality and sustainable production whilst always trying to give our customers the latest innovations in the home textile industry. Our specialty products include bamboo sheets and quilt covers, Egyptian cotton sheets and quilt covers, Bamboo quilts, bamboo toppers, comforter sets, coverlets, kids comforters, winter flannelette sheets, blankets and much more.

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Embracing Elegance and Versatility: The Allure of Coverlets in Home Decor

In the world of bedding and home decor, coverlets emerge as versatile and sophisticated essentials that effortlessly bridge the gap between style and functionality. These lightweight bed covers have g...
20 June ·
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Embrace Cozy Nights By Exploring Comforters and Comforter Sets for Your Dreamy Bedroom

In the realm of home decor and bedroom essentials, few items rival the comforting embrace of a plush comforter. Whether you're seeking solace from the chill of winter or simply craving a touch of luxury in your sleep sanctuary, comforters and comforter sets emerge as indispensable companio...
23 May ·
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Embrace Sustainable Comfort with Bamboo Sheets: A Luxurious and Eco-Friendly Choice for Your Bed

In the quest for a good night's sleep, comfort is paramount. But what if you could enhance your sleep experience while also contributing to a greener planet? Enter bamboo sheets – the luxurious bedding option that not only promises unparalleled softness but also champions sustainability in a w...
24 April ·
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Embrace Eco-Luxury: Exploring the Comfort and Sustainability of Bamboo Bedding

In the pursuit of a good night's sleep, comfort and sustainability are two key factors that often come into play. Enter bamboo bedding—a revolutionary alternative that combines luxury with envir...
14 March ·
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Embrace Cozy Elegance with Comforters and Comforter Sets

In the realm of home decor, few elements contribute as much warmth and style as a well-chosen comforter or comforter set. These bedding essentials not only enhance the visual appeal of a bedroom but a...
30 January ·
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Is bamboo good for quilts?

Bamboo quilts are made with realistic bamboo fibers that are innately hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Today, bamboo is utilized for an incredible number of assorted textile products and is commo...
01 May 2023 ·
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