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Samaritan Technologies is a web development software and digital marketing services excellence corporation assisting clients belonging to dynamic industries of the present day to transform their digital growth potential through holistic technological solutions that fuel and evolve businesses.

Develop cross platform app using react native or flutter

When it comes to developing cross-platform mobile app development, two popular frameworks are and Flutter. Here's a short description of each framework: React Native: React Native is a JavaScrip...
15 June ·
· 1 · Samaritan Technology

Python Django and flask web applications

Python Django and Flask are both popular web development frameworks used to build web applications using the Python programming language. Here's a short description of each framework: Django: Dja...
15 June ·
· 11 · Samaritan Technology

Create a unique mobile app UI UX design

Hello There! Do you want to have a unique USER INTERFACE for your product?  I have been working as a UI UX Designer and Product Designer for almost three years. I specialize in Mobile User Interface...
15 June ·
· 8 · Samaritan Technology