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Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency is an independent brokerage specializing in employee benefit plans. From health and dental to life and 401K, we serve companies nationwide from our San Jose office. Todd Taylor, our founder and president, brings 25+ years of expertise in Bay Area, Central Valley, and California-wide employee benefit planning. Elevate your company's offerings with our experienced guidance.

Health Insurance Options for Small Businesses in California

If you operate a small business, managing your company takes precedence, yet it is crucial to factor in health insurance for your employees. Providing benefits to your staff aids in maintaining a dedicated workforce, even if you have only one employee. Here's essential information to guide you in n...
08 March ·
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The Best Option for Your Company: Group Health Insurance Broker

In terms of enhancing worker benefits, businesses are an increasing number of spotting the important role that institution health insurance performs in fostering a advantageous work subculture and att...
06 February ·
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Ten Things You Should Expect From Your Benefits Advisor

Selecting employee benefits is a crucial decision for both employers and employees. The right benefits package can contribute significantly to employee health insurance broker retention, and well-being. In this complex landscape, having a reliable benefits advisor is essential. Here are ten exp...
04 December 2023 ·
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Understanding Corporate Health Insurance: A Complete Guide

A sort of insurance program offered by businesses’ corporate health insurance broker to pay for the medical costs of their employees is known as corporate health insurance, often referred to as...
27 September 2023 ·
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