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White Desert Travel is Egypt’s #1 travel agency that provides world-class services at the best prices. The travel agency’s main mission is to provide the best services to its clients. They are focusing on long-term businesses with the client. They have become a leader in the travel industry by focusing on customer satisfaction, their people, their community, growth, innovation, technology, efficiency, and effectiveness.

4 Tips to Plan Your Visit to the White and Black Desert for a Memorable Trip

When you are visiting Europe you must go with the long list of places you are planning to see as most people do. Europe is a must-visit place because of its beauty and history. But if you want to expe...
11 months ago ·
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Reasons Why the White and Black Desert is Now One of the Best Places to Spend Vacations

Egypt has always been a fascinating place for every other person, because of its history and the wonderfully long list of places to visit there, from the pyramid of Giza to the red sea. Some people ju...
16 January 2023 ·
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6 Things That Will Make Your Egypt Pyramid Tour Unforgettable

Are you planning to visit Egypt and want to see the most amazing place there which is the Egypt pyramid?  So, just get ready for your virtual tour with your virtual guide till you get there. Know everything about Egypt pyramids tours. There are many places to visit in Egypt but the glory of pyramids...
08 December 2022 ·
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5 Best Must Visit Sights in Sharm El Sheikh

If you eagerly want to relax on the beach, this is one of Egypt's top places. Sharm is within day-trip reach of many of the Sinai Peninsula's historical and ecological features, so non-divers will hav...
15 November 2022 ·
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Guide to Bahariya Oasis Tour – The History and Key Facts

The most manageable of the Western Desert oases, Bahariya Oasis, and its main city Bawiti provide a prosperity of travel riches. Savour ancient Egyptian tombs, rolling dunes, the scorched-looking Blac...
09 November 2022 ·
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