Discovering the Treasures of Swat Valley on a Road Trip with Friends

Swat Valley in Pakistan is a picturesque location known for its natural beauty, rich culture, and delicious food. Recently, I embarked on a road trip to this scenic valley with my friends and discover...
15 March ·
· 13 · Zafar Yaqoob

How Shilajit Benefits The Body, How It Affects The Gastric Tract

Shilajit is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine and a natural form of tree resin known as a sterol. The article discusses how Shilajit has been used in Ayurveda to treat various ailments, such as bruises...
11 November 2022 ·
· 12 · Zafar Yaqoob

10 Reasons You Should Be Wearing Velvet Right Now

Velvet is a fabric that has been repurposed recently from its original use of being an expensive material for clothing to a luxury item that's on-trend. Learn about the benefits of wearing a velvet dr...
17 October 2022 ·
· 10 · Zafar Yaqoob