10 Biggest Surprises in Thor: Love and Thunder

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Thor: Love and Thunder provides many surprises for the audience. The surprises revealed indicate the next step in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Some of those surprises could become canon for a new story in the Thor sequel or in other films/series in this giant franchise.

Thor: Love and Thunder marks Natalie Portman's return to the Thor franchise and the MCU as a whole. Natalie was last seen playing Jane Foster in Thor: The Dark World in 2013. After that, she has been absent from all the MCU films or Thor: Ragnarok.

10 Biggest Surprises in Thor: Love and Thunder

He briefly appeared in Avengers: Endgame but only in the form of a stock shoot, aka unused footage in The Dark World. There are many unexpected cameos in this film. These cameos can treat fans' longing for these characters. Thor: Love and Thunder brings a lot of humor and drama in it. So, what were the biggest surprises in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)? Check out the following review!

1. Kraglin bad habits

The biggest surprise in Love and Thunder is one of the funniest ones involving the Guardians of the Galaxy. Although it only appears as a cameo, the appearance of this gang is quite entertaining. In the first act of the film, it is revealed that Kraglin has married a woman on every planet he has visited with the Guardians.

The audience did not expect that they would be treated to this Kraglin love life. But, this surprise about his polygamous behavior will be a strange humor in the Guardians journey in the MCU. Kraglin's love story could become one of the canons in the new Guardians of the Galaxy series or film.

2. Lady Sif

Lady Sif has finally returned to the Thor franchise with Love and Thunder. Even if it's just a cameo. In this film, he asks Thor for help after fighting Gorr the God Butcher. When Thor arrives, he finds his old friend seriously injured and missing one of his arms.

Fortunately, Sif survived and now lives in New Asgard. Lady Sif's future is unclear in her next phase in the MCU. The appearance of Lady Sif in this manner was not widely expected by the audience.

3. Heimdall's son

Heimdall's death at the start of Avengers: Infinity War seems to be the end of the character's appearance in the MCU. However, Love and Thunder surprised everyone by revealing that Heimdall actually has a son named Axl. Real name Astrid, the character played by Kieron L Dyer was never mentioned in the MCU franchise.

Axl's introduction to the MCU continues the trend of young characters who carry the legacy of dead or retired heroes from previous generations. Plans for Axl haven't been revealed by Marvel Studios. However, fans believe that Axl will continue his father's legacy. Love and Thunder also shows a little of Axl's abilities.

4. Eternity

Gorr the God Butcher's mission to slay every god in the universe culminates in his discovery of the cosmic entity known as Eternity. Upon reaching this entity, Gorr plans to eliminate every god in the universe. He knew that Eternity would fulfill the wishes of any mortal who managed to reach his place at the core of the universe. The introduction of Eternity had a huge ramification for the MCU as a whole. The MCU has finally brought the Marvel comic cosmic entity into this franchise. The arrival of Eternity heralds future appearances of similar beings, such as Infinity, Galactus, and the Living Tribunal.

5. Jane's Death

Fans rejoiced to learn that Natalie Portman was back as Jane Foster in Love and Thunder. However, this excitement does not last long because it is clear that Jane does not survive in this film. Knowing that being a superhero is slowly killing her, Jane continues to fight against Gorr and ends up dying at the hands of Thor.

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Many fans assumed that Natalie's return would play an important role in the MCU. Her death at the end of the film shattered those hopes, possibly ending Jane's role in the MCU forever. However, Natalie still gave an impressive goodbye.

6. Gorr's repentance and death

Gorr the Butcher, played by Christian Bale is the main villain in Love and Thunder. He was determined to conquer all the gods in the universe. But, Gorr proved to be one of the different villains in the MCU. He got what he asked for in the end.

He uses a single wish from Eternity to bring his daughter back to life, replacing his desire for revenge with love. Gorr exhibits a bit of a repentant quality in this film as Necrosword spoils him over the years. However, the villain's love for his daughter proved stronger than his hatred for a god. It delivers an emotionally shocking death to this character at the end of the film.

7. Thor becomes a father

Thor provides a lot of fun and laughter throughout his final adventure. However, the thunder god also managed to deliver a number of emotional moments. One of the most important is that Thor adopted Gorr's child, Love, after the villain brought him back to life through his request to Eternity. In the film, Thor ends up as a father. He brings his adopted daughter into battle against evil forces across the galaxy. It's a shocking moment, but perfectly wraps up Thor's larger storyline throughout this phase of the MCU. The hole in his heart due to Jane's departure was finally filled in the most unexpected way. Moreover, the title of this film turns out to be the name of the duo Thor and Love, namely Love and Thunder (Thor the God of Lightning).

8. Mjolnir returns to Thor

Thor and Mjolnir are inseparable. Although Mjolnir was destroyed by Hela in Ragnarok, but the sacred hammer was Thor's first love and will forever be like that. The presence of Stormbreaker who is stronger than Mjolnir is still difficult to melt Thor's heart.

Throughout Love and Thunder, Thor continues to tempt Mjolnir into coming back to him. He was relieved to know he was still worthy to hold the hammer. This makes Stormbreaker jealous. At the end of the film, Thor prefers to use Mjolnir and entrusts Stormbreaker to Love.

9. Hercules Cometh

The first post-credits scene of Love and Thunder includes a number of facts. One of them is the fact that Zeus survived the wound he suffered after being stabbed by his own lightning. The bigger surprise was the appearance of Brett Goldstein as Hercules, the Greek demigod and also the famous hero from the Marvel comics.

Goldstein was a popular choice to play the character of Hercules. This character will obviously be the most important character in the future of the MCU. His introduction indicates that a mythological pantheon outside of the Norse gods will be the subject of further exploration in the franchise. It also builds on his future to face Thor.

10. Valhalla

The post-credits scene of Love and Thunder features a reappearance of Jane Foster. He is then greeted by Heimdall (Idris Elba). Heimdall welcomes Jane to Valhalla. This indicates that his heroic death has given him the right to enter the storied hall of Norse gods and heroes.

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This moment not only features a surprising cameo from a dead MCU character, it also indicates that another afterlife is being added to the MCU's roster of other dimensions. Previously, the MCU confirmed the existence of the Ancestral Plane Wakanda in Black Panther and the Egyptian Duat in Moon Knight. The entry of Valhalla continues the surprising religious element in Phase 4 of the MCU.

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