10 Hidden Features of Instagram

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Do you ever feel like you need more preparation for Instagram?

You can certainly navigate and complete the essential tasks just well. The people around you appear to be considerably more developed. We'll look at some not-so-obvious Instagram tips and tactics in this article, such as how to use the best Instagram analytics tricks or how to make better Instagram photographs. Additional interactions will result.

Nothing should be embarrassed of. Even for seasoned users, social media networks can be challenging to navigate since they are always changing. But don't let that discourage you. You can always get better and learn new things.

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Here are ten tips, tactics, hacks, and features that can help you improve your Instagram skills and take them to the next level.


Try making a collection if you've ever wanted to organize your favorite posts by subject.

First, hit the bookmark symbol located beneath other users' posts to save their photographs and add them to your collection.

Visit your profile now. There should be a row of icons above your picture. On the very right, select the bookmarks button.

Select the Collections tab and click the Plus symbol at the top to start a new collection. Tap Next after giving the collection a name, then choose the saved pictures you want to include in the collection. Once you're done, click Next once again.


There are numerous justifications for Instagram following. The account you follow might belong to a person or brand you've previously followed, a potential follower with similar interests, a powerful influencer, or a rival company you'd like to follow.

Visit a user's profile and press the gear icon (or the three dots if you're using Android) at the top of the page to get alerted anytime they publish a new message. You'll receive a list of choices as a result. You're done after you click Turn on notifications.

Any post made by the account you want to follow will also give you access to this function. The account name will be shown at the top with the identical 3-dot gear.


Not all filters will appeal to your sense of style. Some of you might not be interested in seeing me again and may not want to. You may assess which photo filters generate the most engagement using our platform, SocialFox.

Certain filters, which you undoubtedly use frequently and favor having at the top, are there for your convenience. You certainly can.

Create a new post and go to the filters page as usual to arrange your filters. Till the very end, scroll down the list of filters. Select Manage from the menu. You'll be directed to a screen where you can set the filters however you like by clicking here. You can reposition the three grey lines by tapping them and dragging your finger up or down next to the filter. Tap the checkmark to the right of them to make them invisible.


There are occasions when you want to modify a picture first but want to wait to upload it. Along with Instagram, you can also post it on other social media sites.

Instagram may be used as a stand-alone photo editor in a simple method. The Save Original Image option needs to be turned on before you do anything else. This is located on your settings page, which you may access by clicking the gear/three dots on your profile.

The next step is to turn on airplane mode on your phone. After that, tweak your photo and start a new post. When you click Share while in Airplane Mode, an error will be generated, it will, however, remain kept in the photo gallery on your phone. You are now free to post it whenever you wish.


Would you like to delete any offensive or inappropriate comments that someone made on your post?

No issue! To delete a remark, tap the bubble beneath the post, swipe the comment to the left, and choose the trash can icon.

Alternatively, you can remove your own comments from any post. Just stick to the same guidelines.


This year, Instagram increased the number of photo upload options. A single post can now contain up to 10 photos.

As you usually do when writing a new message, begin by tapping the Plus icon. Then tap the Select Multiple buttons, which appear as two nearly overlapping squares on the right. After choosing the desired image, hit Next to select a filter, and then tap Next once again to enter a caption before sending.


Do your bio or subtitles occasionally seem overly busy? Have you ever questioned how others manage to line-break text?

To change the format while composing a text, use the 123 key on the keyboard. Now, the lower right corner will house the Return key. To start a new line of text, press this key.

Although this advice may seem apparent, it needs to be more frequently addressed. Use it to make your writing more readable and sharp.


Are there any filters you enjoy using but would prefer to use with a bit more nuance?

By default, the filter is set at the highest intensity. Double-tapping the filter will let you change them. You can utilize the slider that appears to change the intensity by doing so. When it is at the level you want, tap Done to continue publishing it.


Another feature can be viewed by double-clicking the filter. There is a box icon to the right of the intensity slider. To give the picture a border, click it.

Borders were once widely utilized on Instagram; however, recently, their use has declined. However, you may utilize them to add a unique vintage feel to your images that make them stand out.


Do you have a tale that makes you very proud? Why not make it visible to everyone by posting it on your main profile?

After opening the story, click on the three dots in the bottom right corner. Decide to share as a post. Then, just as with any other post, you may edit, annotate, and publish it.

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