10 Technological Trends Predicted to Shape Mobile App Development in 2024

10 Technological Trends Predicted to Shape Mobile App Development in 2024
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As we look ahead to 2024, we asked ten industry experts, including founders and CEOs, to predict the trends that will shape mobile app development. From AI integration enhancing user experience to blockchain integrating into mobile apps, discover the insights these leaders shared on the future of app development.

Mobile App Development Trends 2024:

  1. AI Integration Enhances User Experience
  2. Edge Computing and 5G Revolutionize Web Services
  3. Declarative UI as The Gold Standard
  4. Adapting Apps for Foldable Screens
  5. Cross-Platform Frameworks Gain Traction
  6. AI-Related Permissions Personalize User Experiences
  7. CoPilot as the Future of App Development
  8. Multi-Location Functionality for Travel Apps
  9. Evolution of Voice Assistants in Apps
  10. Blockchain Integrates into Mobile Apps

1) AI Integration Enhances User Experience

Based on my insights, I predict that one of the key trends shaping mobile-app development in 2024 will be the continued integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI’s capabilities in voice recognition, image analysis, and predictive analytics have already enhanced user experiences. In 2024, we can expect AI to evolve even further, making apps more intelligent and user-friendly. This will lead to highly personalized and efficient apps that adapt to individual user needs.

The seamless integration of AI into mobile apps will not only enhance user interactions but also empower businesses to deliver more tailored and efficient services. As AI continues to advance, mobile apps will become smarter and more responsive, setting new standards for user convenience and satisfaction.

Mobile-app developers who harness the potential of AI will stay at the forefront of the industry, offering innovative and intelligent solutions.

Gautam Duggal, Sales and Team Building Expert, UpInFifty

2) Edge Computing and 5G Revolutionize Web Services

Edge computing is no longer the realm of sci-fi or cutting-edge industries. Even smaller companies now must contend with the growing need to process data closer to the source rather than in a central, cloud-based system. Edge computing could redefine how web applications are hosted and delivered, leading to faster, more efficient web services that are highly responsive and less reliant on central servers.

5G technology is already available on most mobile devices. This means that apps can lean on the speed of 5G to reduce latency and deliver high-impact services. With edge computing, the dream of mobile VR and AR will finally come into its own, thanks to the power of these advanced features.

Mark Varnas, Principal SQL Server DBA and Consultant, Red9

3) Declarative UI as the Gold Standard

One trend that I predict will shape mobile app development services in 2024 is declarative UI (think Flutter, SwiftUI, or Jetpack Compose) becoming the gold-standard paradigm for creating UIs. The frameworks are finally fully mature, and they’re here to stay.

Declarative UI enables developers to express the UI in terms of “what” should be presented rather than “how” to present it. Flutter was the first mobile framework to fully embrace it, and I believe this is part of the reason why it’s such a popular choice for building new apps.

This trend will mean more teams rewriting more of their apps to take advantage of declarative UIs. I also expect better tooling will emerge that will use LLMs to layout UIs, considering that the syntax of declarative UIs lends itself particularly well to the coding advantages of LLMs, with fast prototyping and simple debugging.

Any team that is building mobile UIs and isn’t considering the advantages of declarative UIs should put it on their radar ASAP.

Juan Castro-Varón, Software Engineer, castrovaron.com

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