11 Steps to a Better LinkedIn Profile in 2023

11 Steps to a Better LinkedIn Profile in 2023
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30 November 2022

Looking to expand your online teaching? Changing up your community college course roster?

Start 2023 with new opportunities by using a newer, fresher LinkedIn profile. It is an indispensable branding tool to connect with others as an academic and academic job seeker.

“Being on LinkedIn is important for academics because it’s a treasure trove of networking! Every big influence in education, every university, every academic-affiliated company has a LI profile,” says Dana Wyant a writer at The Babb Group, who runs the LinkedIn Profile Creation Service. “Following and connecting with others on LinkedIn allows the follower to learn, grow, and communicate with others in academia. It offers opportunities to make invaluable connections. It also allows the user to quickly view potential job opportunities in which he or she may be interested.”

Here are 11 steps to creating a better LinkedIn profile:

  1. Recognize the Advantages of LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, there’s no limit on the number of characters you can use, so you can write longer, more meaningful posts. You have more areas to share information about your work and research. You can also add links to syllabi, assignments, videos, publications, articles, and links to your books.

  1. Optimize Your Profile

Think about all of your experiences as you create or improve your LinkedIn profile.

“I advise LinkedIn users make a comprehensive profile, listing all of their experiences. Sometimes people don’t think their previous non-educational experiences are relevant to a future career in academia,” said Wyant. If you want to optimize your profile perfectly then opt for LinkedIn profile creation services.

  1. Review and Maintain

Make sure to review your profile monthly to maintain its relevance. Being current is key!

  1. Change Your Headline Regularly

The headline is the one area of information people read. Make sure the headline clarifies what you do and is customized for the jobs you are looking for.

  1. Update Your Headshot

Use a current, friendly, headshot where you look your professional best. A headshot lets people know they have the right person when they’re trying to connect. Don’t use a picture that is more than a year old.

  1. Keep the About Section Current

The Babb Group often creates these LinkedIn profile sections for their clients. The About section is an opportunity to bring your CV, skills, and accomplishments to life. Think of it as having a conversation with someone at a networking event. So, if you are thinking “how to make my LinkedIn profile better?” then make your About section better.

  1. Freshen Up the Featured Section

Add links to your personal academic website, faculty profile, videos, and a link to your CV in a cloud service.

  1. Update the Experience Section

Add detailed descriptions for each job you have right now or have had in the past. These boost your searchability and your keyword score.

  1. Set Up LinkedIn Job Notifications

LinkedIn job alerts send notifications right to your inbox. The service saves time.

  1. Start Connecting, Creating, and Sharing

Social networking is intended to be social! Create original posts that add value to your network by sharing beneficial information.

  1. Join Some LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are hubs to share content, grow your network and connections, and help establish you and your personal brand.

All these points will help if you are focusing on building a better LinkedIn profile for yourself. If you are looking for support in creating or optimizing your LinkedIn profile as part of your job search, check out Our Services on thebabbgroup.com.

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