15 Best Ad Networks For Publishers And Bloggers In 2023

15 Best Ad Networks For Publishers And Bloggers In 2023
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Do you want to know which entertainment and media ad networks are best for bloggers and publishers?If you wish to adequately monetize your content, an ad network's aid is required to effectively fill your ad inventory and raise your CPMs (the amount of money you earn per 1,000 visits). Directly selling advertising to businesses is not a reliable strategy. We tried to include alternatives that will work equally well with big creators and tiny blogs, even if some of these ad networks do have varying minimal audience needs.

Here are the  15 Best Ad Networks For Publishers And Bloggers-

  1. 7Search PPC
  2. Media. net 
  3. Monumetric
  4. Adthrive
  5. Mediavine
  6. Google AdSense
  7. Amazon Associates
  8. Taboola
  9. Outbrain
  10. Infolinks
  11. Revcontent
  12. PropellerAds
  13. Adversal
  14. BuySellAds
  15. Sovrn //Commerce (Formerly VigLink)

1.7Search PPC

Looking for the best entertainment and media ad network to promote your brand? Look no further than 7Search PPC, the leading platform that specializes in delivering exceptional results for the entertainment and media industry.  7Search PPC is the best ad network that provides native ads, the best ad network for publishers. We have the best entertainment and media ad network that offers a comprehensive range of features and benefits to ensure your campaign's success. With a keen focus on keywords and audience targeting, we help you connect with users who are actively seeking entertainment content or consuming media. Reach your audience with the top CPC ad network.


One of the biggest contextual advertising networks for entertainment and media on the Internet is media.net. This makes it one of the most well-known alternatives to Google AdSense, but it's also a top-notch ad network for bloggers and publishers on its own.

3. Monumetric

You may monetize your website with the help of the publisher-friendly ad network monomeric without sacrificing user experience.You sign up with Monumetric and list the advertising inventory you have available, to put it simply. Then, with the aid of Monumetric, the inventory will be filled using the highest CPM bids. 

4. Adthrive

Adthrive is a media advertising network that focuses on bloggers and publishers in lifestyle niches like parenthood, home improvement, travel, and gastronomy. Although you don't have to fall into one of these categories to join, these are the types of marketers who will thrive with AdThrive.AdThrive offers all popular display ad sizes and even guarantees payouts, so even if the business isn't paid by an advertiser, they'll still pay you.

5. Mediavine

Similar to AdThrive, Mediavine is a recognized advertising network that enjoys the favor of those who create lifestyle content for niches like parenting, home, travel, and the like. Again, membership is not technically required in any of those categories, but those are the websites that integrate with Mediavine the best.

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