1(870) 601 7174 CCleaner Installer Not Working in Windows 10 - Fix

1(870) 601 7174 CCleaner Installer Not Working in Windows 10 - Fix

CCleaner won't install on Windows 10? Follow this article to learn how to solve it. A lot of temporary data, such as cache cookies, may happen slowly. Unwanted registry entries and broken shortcuts can also eat up a significant portion of your PC's storage space. A number of third-party programmes are available for Windows to deal with these storage hogs.

There could be several causes behind the aforementioned problem. First and foremost, the Windows Defender Firewall may prevent the installer from running. Similarly, if the software is running in a restricted environment or has not been granted the necessary Group or user permissions, you may encounter this issue. Similarly, faults with the current variant and build of the installer could result in the aforementioned error.

So let's get started. This guide will show you how to fix these problems, which will then solve the CCleaner Installer not working problem on your Windows 10 PC as well.

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SOLUTION 1: Disable Windows Firewall

There are a few things that can help in this case: You can turn off your Firewall for a while, or you can put the app on the Firewall's "exclusion list." Both of the instructions are here:


1. To start, go to the Start menu and look for the Windows Defender Firewall there.

2. Select Turn Windows Defender Firewall On or Off from the menu bar on the left side of the screen.

3. In the next step, make sure that the "Turn off Windows Defender Firewall" option is checked in both the public and private network sections.

4. Allow an app or programme through Windows Defender Firewall if you want to add the app to the list of things that can get through.

5. Then, from the next dialogue box that comes up, click on Change Settings. People who are in charge of things will need to do this job.

6. When you're done, click OK. However, if it isn't there, then you can click the Allow Another App button, go to the app's installation directory, and choose it from there.

7. Check to see if the CCleaner Installer problem on your Windows 10 computer has been solved after you restart your computer and then check to see if it worked.


SOLUTION 2: Verify Group and User Permission

Here’s how to deal with this issue:


1.      Select Properties from the CCleaner installation file.

2.    Then choose Users from the list and click Edit.

3.    Full Control for this profile, then Apply > OK.

4.    Look at the issue with your Windows 10 PC's CCleaner Installer.


SOLUTION 3: Give it Administrative Rights


1.      Right-click the installer file and choose Properties.

2.    Under Compatibility, select Run this software as an administrator.

3.    Click Apply > OK and check if the CCleaner Installer not working issue on Windows 10 has been fixed or not.


SOLUTION 4: Try out Another Version/Build


If the current version of the installer causes you problems, you can also install an older version of this application. After installation, start the app and then update it from within. However, if you continue to encounter troubles, you might try another edition of this software. Additionally, CCleaner comes in Slim and Portable Builds.

The first is a stripped-down version of the app that has only the bare minimum components. On the other hand, its portable configuration eliminates the requirement for installation. You can access the application directly by starting its EXE. Therefore, if the CCleaner Installer does not work on your Windows 10 PC, you can also try the aforementioned builds.


SOLUTION 5: Verify CCleaner’s existing files don’t exist


If you've used the software before, some of its files may still be on your PC. Installing the updated build may cause version problems. So make sure there are no existing CCleaner files.

So, go to its installation directory (C:Program FilesCCleaner) and erase all existing files. Then use CCleaner Installer to see if the problem with Windows 10 has been resolved.


This concludes our instruction on how to resolve the CCleaner Installer not working on Windows 10 PCs. We've discussed five distinct approaches, each of which should work in your favour. Kindly inform us in the comments which one spelled success correctly.  Apart from the above, you can't figure out why the cleaner doesn't work in Windows 10 .

Direct contact with the Cleaner customer service 1(870) 601 7174 team. They will help you figure out what's wrong and how to fix it.

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