4 Pieces You Need to Complete That Western Look

4 Pieces You Need to Complete That Western Look

Are you looking to change up your style or try out that classic Western look? While the classic cowboy look may seem simple and easy to pull off, not all clothing and apparel stores carry the type of hats, shirts, and jeans that can help you complete the look.

Besides, nothing beats a good old fashioned Western store. After all, they all seem to have a very distinct look and feel to them every time you find yourself walking into one.

But if you're going for that classic Western look, what pieces exactly, would you need to actually pull it off. How do you know if you've gone overboard and went a little bit too far and too cliched? Well, every Western look has at least these 4 essential pieces.

Cowboy Hats
In our humble opinion, it's actually the hat that completes that Western vibe. And without it, you'd just be another person in a plaid shirt and denim jeans.

Felt cowboy hats are a dime a dozen at your local Western store, and come in all sorts of shades and colors. Usually made with felt, wool, or straw, quality cowboy hats can last a lifetime even after taking a beating from a couple of rodeo arenas.

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It's not just cowboy hats that make up the Western look, however. Trucker hats have also become somewhat synonymous with the Western style, thanks in part to brands like Kimes Ranch, which is able achieve both a classic Western as well as modern vibe, or other brands like Hooey and Spin-Em Rodeo.

Depending on which you feel suits your style better, you can go with either one.

Western Shirts
Western shirts come in a variety of styles and prints. What's common among them, however, is that they're all mostly button-ups. Many Western shirts come in denim and plaid, sometimes with detailed embroidery, snap pockets, and fringes.

Cotton dress shirts can also help you pull off that Western look, but nothing beats good old denim, especially when it comes to durability and achieving that rugged look.

Denim Jeans
Denim would also be the obvious choice for bottoms for any cowboy. So bring out that pair of Levis or Wranglers for that awesome country appeal. Of course, denim comes in all sorts of shades, from the lighter tones to the darker ones. Traditionally, of course, the Western look has always gone with blue jeans, but there's no harm in going for those darker blues either.

For women, prairie skirts and summer dresses are a great alternative to denim jeans. Often ruffled, high necked, voluminous, billowy, prairie dresses and skirts are usually made in either linen or cotton, making them more suitable for warmer temperatures.

Cowboy Boots
While boots are certainly made for walking, iconic Western boots often have a certain style and make. But what makes a pair of boots genuinely Western? Classic cowboy boots are at least mid-calf length, and have that angled heel that is usually more than an inch high. The leather in cowboy boots are also often embroidered with some wild west elements and decorative stitching.

Where's the Best Place to Find Your Western Apparel Pieces?
Now finding these pieces can be tricky if you're not looking in the right places. More often than not, it's best to just visit your local Western store and browse through their selection. On the other hand, there are also a number of Western stores that have also opened their doors to online buyers, making it much more convenient for you to find and choose your pieces without having to leave the house.

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