5 Benefits of playing online games

5 Benefits of playing online games
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Playing games online usually makes you look like a child who just likes to lie down. However, actually the benefits of playing online games are many, you know. However, not everyone knows or realizes it.

The Australian Office of the eSafety Commissioner, said there are several benefits of playing games, such as improving thinking skills, solving problems and also perseverance. So, you could say there are many advantages of online games compared to the disadvantages. As long as you don't overplay it.

Then, what are the benefits of online games in detail? Here are some of the benefits of playing online games that you need to know.

1. Place to Practice Solving Problems

The first benefit of playing games is that you can practice problem solving skills. Why? Of course, the level of difficulty for each type of online game is different.

Sometimes, you have to work on tasks that require strategy. From here, you can analyze the condition. Then, look for ways to solve the problem or task.

In fact, some say this online game can make people think harder so players become smarter. There are also those who apply strategies in games to their daily work, you know.

2. Adding Social Networks

Who says gamers are people who like to be alone or antisocial. On the contrary, you know. They have more friends than some people imagine. This is because one of the benefits of playing online games can expand social networks.

Your friendship is not limited to Indonesia only. In fact, you can have friends all over the world. Secretly this can train your socialization skills through cyberspace, you know. You can also learn a foreign language in this way. Cool isn't it?

3. Improve Brain Performance

Did you know that every sports athlete requires good brain abilities? This is because an athlete has to decide something in a matter of seconds. Now, because some online games are considered as electronic sports, of course this also applies.

When you are attacked by your opponent and your team loses, of course you don't stay silent and surrender, do you? You have to find a way to defend or attack. The direction of attack and the weapon used must be determined in a few seconds. This habit can stimulate the brain to work better. That's why, increasing brain performance is another benefit of playing online games.

4. Increase Career Opportunities

Being a gamer can be a lucrative choice of profession nowadays, you know. First of all, you can become a YouTube Gamers celeb. If you are famous, definitely benefit from YouTube. In fact, you can get offers of advertising cooperation or endorsements.

You can also become an esport athlete if you seriously pursue this online game. Just so you know. The most expensive esport athlete in Indonesia is paid around 5 billion Rupiah, you know. If you persevere well, this is https://jbl4d.netlify.app/ online games can be a cash field. Who knows you become a millionaire at a young age.

5. Train Focus

Another benefit of playing online games is to train focus. Of course you have to be able to concentrate when playing it. Remember, you can't let your guard down during the game. This is because online play requires patience see example here: https://ortugaming.netlify.app/ quick action and, most importantly, concentration. This has been proven to significantly improve player focus and concentration.

Those were some of the benefits of playing online games. When playing online games, a fit physique is also needed in order to get optimal benefits

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    If you have played any famous online game ever, you would know that they are not that easy. Most of them demand a lot of attention from their players. A large number of games have a quest with obstacle

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